Third Party Logistics in Pharmaceuticals


Using the trading company experience of handling a range of goods, Logistics & Material Distribution Department has been developing the 3PL (third party logistics)(*) business for the pharmaceutical industry, which has been undergoing a period of major change in the past few years.
Through collaboration with ITOCHU LOGISTICS CORP., the company at the core of the Logistics Services Department, we provide a consistent logistics service from sourcing raw materials abroad to delivery in Japan, while at the same time undertaking numerous export services for Japanese manufacturers of pharmaceuticals.
In Japan, we own ten or more logistics centers dedicated to pharmaceuticals with a total floor space of approximately 132,000 square meters, which fulfill the essential requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, such as obtaining business licenses for wholesale, general sales and manufacturing, on-site pharmacists, and control by several temperature zones.
With regard to internal operations at the logistics centers, we not only provide functionality specific to pharmaceuticals such as stock and shipment control by production lot, or handling advanced control products such as vaccines or psychopharmaceuticals, we also utilize our experience in retail logistics at convenience stores and volume sellers to streamline and optimize operations.
In addition, when delivering within Japan, we use dedicated routes for pharmaceuticals providing not only timely delivery to pharmaceutical wholesalers and medical institutions nationwide, but also undertaking deliveries to drug stores and volume sellers where deliveries of pharmaceuticals have been increasing in recent years.

  • *3PL (Third Party Logistics)
    A complete corporate logistics package. Refers to the operation of an outsourcing service.
    When a corporation does not handle its own direct logistics operations but uses an external logistics operator for tasks from procurement and inventory control to shipments, and to plan and operate optimal systems for the client corporation.