Real Estate Solutions Business


We make full use of the know-how and experience cultivated over the years to provide solutions such as consulting, risk sharing and finance management to clients who consult us on real estate-related issues (for example, wanting to dispose of retained real estate; wanting to consolidate scattered group companies to increase efficiency and cut costs; wanting to consult on choice of locations, development permits or selection of general constructors for building a new factory overseas; or looking for a block of flats that can be rented as company housing).

Real Estate Advisory on Consolidation

For clients who are considering consolidating locations across Japan or rebuilding deteriorating locations, we provide advisory services on disposal, finding buyers and information on sites for new locations while simultaneously supporting the standardization of on-site buildings.

Proposals for Effective Use of Property for Liquidation Needs

As a measure to effectively utilize real estate originally used by the client as part of a dealership, we constructed and proposed a scheme for developing rental condominiums using a fund set up by ITOCHU to earn a steady income from land rent even after the dealership closed.

Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

The PFI business utilizes private funding and technical strengths as well as management know-how for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and management of public facilities, providing services that by their nature should be provided by public administration. Responding in a versatile manner to the outsourcing needs of public administration, we also provide services with a high degree of value-for-money to all residents.