Strengthening and Expanding Logistics Services for Internet Sales in China

ITOCHU LOGISTICS CORP. is the core logistics company for the ITOCHU Group, spearheading its overseas logistics operations. ITOCHU LOGISTICS (CHINA) CO., LTD., Dateng Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are playing leading roles in building logistics networks in China. Early on, the company commenced initiatives targeting the market for Internet sales in China, which is expected to continue growing at a stable rate of 10% or more each year, and has developed distribution services covering all sales channels integrated with online and actual stores. ITOCHU LOGISTICS offers a fulfillment service that covers all functions related to Internet sales, including call center operations and marketing.
With a warehouse network currently spanning more than 50 locations throughout China, ITOCHU LOGISTICS (CHINA) operates large-scale logistics centers dedicated to Internet sales in major Chinese cities and is building some of the largest-scale logistics networks for Japanese companies operating in the country, shipping 20 million orders per year to meet demand in China’s rapidly growing market for Internet sales.
Leveraging our expertise as a general trading company, we plan to reinforce our unique functions, including the integrated development of the omnichannel, online-to-offline (O2O), and commercial product businesses, contributing to customers’ Internet sales business and working to expand our overseas logistics business.