BPO Service Business

ITOCHU Invested in Bellsystem24 Holdings, Japan’s Largest Contact Center Operations Service Provider

Bellsystem24’s Kobe service center

In October 2014, ITOCHU invested in Bellsystem24 Holdings, Inc. This company’s 25 domestic centers and business bases, staffed by approximately 25,000 operators, makes it Japan’s largest contact center operations service provider.
In addition to traditional BPO services using the telephone as the primary communication channel, it is actively undertaking BPO services that utilize rapidly expanding channels such as social media, as well as rolling out highly efficient and high-value-added services using IT technologies. ITOCHU positions these operations as a core new business area.
In addition to enhancing the quality and efficiency of customer liaison and communication with consumers, ITOCHU will seek to augment corporate value by harnessing synergies with Group companies such as ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, which is involved in services ranging from system configuration to operational and maintenance support.