Developing the Business Areas related to Healthcare

Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales

"MRIdian" the radiation treatment equipment made by ViewRay Inc.

We handle advanced large-scale medical devices.
We got the exclusive distribution rights of the radiation treatment equipment made by ViewRay Inc. and distributes to the domestic hospitals. On March of 2017, MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy System“MRIdian”was supplied at National Cancer Center Hospital first in Japan and started working on May of 2017. MRIdian is the next-generation radiotherapy solution that integrates MRI technology and radiation therapy system, and improves tumor visibility and patient alignment tracking tumors and managing patient motion.

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National Cancer Center Hospital
Monthly New Medical August issue

Centered on our subsidiary company, Century Medical, Inc., we are expanding our business foundations.

Century Medical, Inc. Established in 1974 as a trading company, specialized in medical devices. Based on the corporate philosophy, “Committed to the Global Good”, it engages in the distribution of advanced medical devices for domestic hospital from manufacturers all over the world, in the field of cardiovascular surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, endoscopic surgery, cardiology, and breast surgery and also works on improvement of quality and safety in a the medical field in Japan.

Hospital Management Support

We contract with Local independent administrative institutions Kobe City Hospital Organization for business of medical affairs, undertaking the job of sterilization of medical devices, providing patient meals, sterilizing, maintenance and inspections of medical devices, and other integrated hospital management excluding medical action, to provide smooth hospital management.

Kobe Medical Care Partners Co., Ltd. Founded in 2007 along with Kobe Steel, Ltd. and Nikken Sekkei Ltd. as a partner. Provides services for operations and management support of the Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital, as a PFI (Private Finance Initiative) project. The Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital, which is working to provide high level of care which is working to provide a high level of care only available among a handful of top-notch hospitals in Japan, seeks to leverage private sector expertise in the operation of this hospital. The hospital has been rebuilt and operated since 2011 with the PFI providing hospital management for 30 years.

* PFI (Private Finance Initiative): A method of social infrastructure development which uses private-sector expertise and capital to design, construct, maintain, and operate public facilities, and also providing public services efficiently, by having private-sector companies manage them.