Promoting Sustainable Resource Businesses

Preventing global warming, and realizing a low-carbon society to this end, are among the world’s most important priorities. In Japan and overseas, efforts are under way to introduce and promote the spread of solar power, biomass, and other types of renewable energy, and renewable energy markets are expected to steadily expand as a result. ITOCHU’s roles in the renewable energy business include developing and operating projects, procuring materials, and supplying fuels. In addition to the Saijo Komatsu Solar Power Plant (Ehime Prefecture, output of 26,200kW) and the Oita Hiyoshibaru Mega-Solar Power Plant (output of 44,800 kW), January 2017 marked the start of commercial operations at the Shin-Okayama Solar Power Plant. This plant has an output of 37,000 kW, which is sufficient to meet the annual consumption of approximately 7,600 households and is expected to reduce CO2 emissions corresponding to some 26,000 tons per year. Construction is also under way at a plant in Saga Prefecture. We plan to continue with our proactive efforts to develop renewable energy generation and related trading businesses in Japan and overseas.