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"Sampo-yoshi" – Returning to Our Founding Spirit

"Sampo-yoshi" – Returning to Our Founding Spirit

In our modern age, the overall corporate value of ITOCHU is assessed not only by profit, but also by how much value we create for the environment, society, our employees and our shareholders. Business activities based on our founding spirit and corporate philosophy of "Sampo-yoshi" (good for the buyer, good for the seller and good for society) thus remains relevant to the pursuit of ESG and SDGs in the present day. I would like to make 2020 a year in which we return to our founder's roots.

ITOCHU wants to further emphasize what is "good for society," the third aspect of "Sampo-yoshi." Responding to current challenges in environmental and social issues presents business opportunities for ITOCHU. The founding spirit of "Sampo-yoshi" that we have inherited over 162 years will help us establish a solid profit as well as tackle environmental and social issues including climate change. We will continue our efforts in building a company in which each individual employee can work with a sense of accomplishment and happiness in doing good services for the society.


Yoshihisa Suzuki
Member of the Board
President & Chief Operating Officer