Employee Relations

As a general trading company that has a diverse range of businesses around the world, ITOCHU believes that the human resources are its greatest management asset. Accordingly, ITOCHU will proactively advance efforts to develop and strengthen human resources as the management foundation supporting the growth of its business activities. We will continue to pursue human resources initiatives, such as cultivating industry professionals and creating systems in which diverse human resources can flourish globally.

Human Resource Development Supporting the “Seeking of New Opportunities”

ITOCHU will proactively advance efforts to develop and strengthen human resources, as the management foundation, which supports assertive and forward-looking action.

Creating Environments that Bring Out the Best in Employees

We are promoting initiatives to create an attractive company and corporate culture.

Initiatives Aimed at Occupational Health and Safety and Health Management that Support the Activity of Employees

We develop environments in which employees can work in safety and good health all around the world.

Communications with Employees

ITOCHU strives for better communications with employees, one of its key stakeholders, by creating various opportunities in this area.

Sustainability Action Plan for Human Resources and General Affairs[Open in a new window]

We create Sustainability Action Plan and promote our Human Resources and General Affairs related measures in a PDCA cycle.

Basic Data

We disclose a range of data related to human resources.