Sustainability Advisory Board

FYE 2021 Sustainability Advisory Board Overview


Online Meeting FYE 2021

The Sustainability Advisory Board convened at Tokyo headquarters in January 2021 to hold a dialog on sustainability issues between the ITOCHU Corporation management and outside stakeholders. The Sustainability Advisory Board was established to engage outside stakeholders in a dialog to determine whether the direction we are taking with regards to sustainability is aligned with the needs of society as ITOCHU Corporation's business grows more diverse and widespread, and then to apply the insights to promoting sustainability.
In FYE 2021, we welcomed three experts on climate change with the latest trends in international society to hold a frank discussion. Each expert engaged in discussion from their relative positions in industry, academia, and government to provide honest opinions on the impact of climate change on society and recommendations based on trends seen in other companies. Participants expressed their support for ITOCHU's initiatives: "The business operations of a trading company are a microcosm of the economy. In the discussion of climate change, it is clear that the trading companies that support supply chains have an incredibly large role to play, and we hope ITOCHU will continue contributing to increasing the value of Japanese companies." We will reflect the opinions received in our future Group sustainability efforts.

Summary of Past Activities

FYE 2021

Response to Climate Change

  • Sustainability Advisory Board Members (Job Titles at the Time)
    • Ms. Yukari Takamura Professor of Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo
    • Ms. Fuyumi Naito Director of Decarbonized Business Promotion Office, Climate Change Policy Division, Global Environment Bureau/ Chief Sustainability Officer, Ministry of the Environment
    • Mr. Hidemi Tomita Director, Lloyd's Register Japan K.K.
  • ITOCHU Members (Job Titles at the Time)
    • Fumihiko Kobayashi Member of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Chief Administrative Officer
    • Noriya Hashimoto General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, Textile Company
    • Tatsuya Hirano General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, Machinery Company
    • Yoshihiko Ogura General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, Metals & Minerals Company
    • Isao Nakao General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, Energy & Chemicals Company
    • Kuniaki Abe General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, Food Company
    • Tsutomu Yamauchi General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, General Products & Realty Company
    • Atsushi Hashimoto General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, ICT & Financial Business Company
    • Tetsuya Mukohata Manager, Planning & Administration Section, The 8th Company
    • Yoshihito Tabe General Manager, Sustainability Management Division (served as Moderator)
FYE 2020

Sustainable Business Direction in a Circular Economy

  • Sustainability Advisory Board Members (Job Titles at the Time)
    • Mr. Eiji Hosoda Professor of Business Administration and Information Science, Chubu University, Professor Emeritus, Keio University
    • Ms. Mami Fukuchi Associate Professor of Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo
    • Mr. Hidemi Tomita Director, Lloyd's Register Japan K.K.
FYE 2019

Climate Change

  • Sustainability Advisory Board Members (Job Titles at the Time)
    • Mr. Kenichi Suganuma Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary (in charge of climate negotiations), Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Mr. Tsuyoshi Mizuguchi Professor of Economics, Takasaki City University of Economics
    • Mr. Hidemi Tomita Director, Lloyd's Register Japan K.K.