Materiality (Sustainability Issues)

In 2013, the CSR materiality were determined at the CSR Committee (the Sustainability Committee). It was determined by identifying risks and opportunities in each of the business fields, taking account of our business strategy, international trends, and opinions from inside and outside the company, and analyzing the level of priority of each one. Specific measures for resolving the materiality is transformed into the sustainability action plans of each organizational unit. They are examined, and reviewed by the Sustainability Committee on a regular basis, and continuously supplemented. In addition, the contents of Sustainability Committee meetings are reported to the Board of Directors by the CAO. In such way, we align the materiality with management policies with long term perspective, and work to resolve them through our business activities.

[Icon]1. Consideration for the environment (climate change, preserving biodiversity, etc.)

We believe that adapting to risks, such as natural disasters induced by climate change, and giving consideration to the environment, such as preservation of biodiversity, are important for the business continuity. We aim to solve these issues through measures in two areas: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities and mitigation of the impact through solutions-oriented business, such as renewable energy business.

[Icon]2. Sustainable use of resources

The wide-ranging business activities of ITOCHU Corporation depend on diverse resources from the natural world and their circulation. Amid increasing apprehensions about resource depletion, we have positioned resource conservation as a major task to be approached from both the risk and opportunity aspects in all phases, from development to utilization, with consideration for sustainability.

[Icon]3. Respect and consideration for human rights

As our business physically broadens and becomes more complex, the influence of our business activities is widening in scope. With an awareness of this situation, we consider it vital to view our business activities as a value chain, ascertain who can possibly be impacted, and thereby make full provisions for respect and consideration for the human rights of the people involved.

[Icon]4. Contribution to local communities

While developing business in various regions around the world, we take actions on issues and needs faced by host societies in both our business activities and social contribution initiatives. By so doing, we hope to assist the advancement of those societies and cultivate the development of new markets that will lead to growth for us.

[Icon]5. Improving labor conditions (attractive working place, human resource development, promotion of diversity, etc.)

As we see progress in the diversification and globalization of businesses, we believe that it is important to develop diverse human resources as management resources of the company and to improve the workplace environment to enable those human resources to demonstrate their capabilities.

  • The Energy & Chemicals Company and Food Company have determined Materiality of their own in addition to above.
    • ·The Energy & Chemicals Company: Safe and reliable logistics
    • ·Food Company: Food safety and security
  • For further information about the specific initiatives, please see the Sustainability and Our Business and the Documentary Report Project on CSR.

Selection and Review Process of the Materiality