Stakeholder Relations

Policy & Basic Approach

In our diverse range of corporate activities conducted worldwide, ITOCHU Group place strong emphasis on dialogues with various stakeholders. We provide information about the ITOCHU Group activities, and we value the opinions of our stakeholders, both expectations and concerns. For our sustainable growth, we reflect measures in our business activities to further advance sustainability on a company-wide basis.

  • Besides those noted above, the list of our major stakeholders includes many other parties.
Stakeholders Main Methods of Dialogue
Suppliers, Customers, and Consumers

Provision of information through the Annual Report and official website
Notification of Sustainability Action Guidelines for Supply Chains
Quality control and Sustainability Surveys on supply chains
Contact for inquiries

Shareholders, investors, and financial institutions

General meeting of shareholders
Investors meeting on business results
Provision of information through the Annual Report and official website
Response to investigations and ratings performed by socially responsible investors
Debt IR

Political organization, trade association

Participation in the government, the ministries related committees and councils
Activity through the trade association(Japan Business Federation, Japan Foreign Trade Council)

Local communities, NGOs, and NPOs

Social contribution activities and volunteer activities
Stakeholder dialogue
Dialogue with residents of areas around project sites
Regular communication with NGOs and NPOs


Provision of information via the intranet and in-house magazines
Communication via training sessions and seminars
Provision of career counseling
Establishment of a 24-hour employee consultation desk system
Implementation of employee awareness surveys
Labor-management meetings (including management meetings and settlement of accountings meetings)
General employee meetings at each company

Reference Data FYE 2020: The Expense of Trade Association and Social Contribution

(Unit: 1 million yen)

Trade association 63 Social contribution (donation) 109 (108)
Economic association 151
Political association 30
Other association 114
Total 358