Structure and System

Promoting Sustainability at ITOCHU Corporation

We established The ITOCHU Group Sustainability Policy to set ITOCHU Corporation's initiatives to further sustainability in accordance with our corporate mission and the dynamic environment in which we operate. Our implementation of the policy is organized and systematic. In the course of implementation, ITOCHU Corporation determines the Material Issues with priority need for a solution, then inserts the Material Issues into Sustainability Action Plans. These plans guide operations in our trading and business investments as we carry out the policies in the mid-term management plan, thus helping to solve the aforementioned issues.

Structure for Promoting Sustainability

The Sustainability Management Division plans and formulates company-wide action to further sustainability at ITOCHU Corporation, which the Sustainability Chairperson served by the Chief Administrative Officer finalizes. Meanwhile, the ESG Officers and Managers in each unit carry out sustainability actions. The Sustainability Committee, one of the company's key committees, holds deliberations and makes decisions concerning policy formulation and important matters. In addition to a role in heading the Sustainability Committee, the committee's chair joins meetings of the Board of Directors, the HMC and the Investment Consultative Committee, and also engages in decision-making based on the company's impact on the environment and society by reporting regularly to the Board of Directors to brief them on our promotion of sustainability. We furthermore engage in dialog with stakeholders within and outside the company. One example of this is our regularly convened advisory board. This dialog provides an understanding of what society expects of and desires from the company, which we can then apply to our initiatives at advancing sustainability.

FYE 2021 Sustainability Committee

Chair: CAO
Members: General Manager of the Corporate Planning & Administration Division, General Manager of the Corporate Communications Division, General Manager of the General Accounting Control Division, General Manager of the Human Resources & General Affairs Division, General Manager of the Finance Division, General Manager of the Legal Division, General Manager of the Sustainability Management Division, General Manager of the Investor Relations Division, General Managers of the Planning & Administration Departments of each Division Company, Corporate Auditors

Primary Purview
  • Sustainability Action Plan Review
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management Review
  • Report on Human Rights Due Diligence in FYE 2021
  • SDGs Bond Framework Assets