Contribution to Society during the COVID-19 Crisis

ITOCHU has been conducting activities while thinking about what support we can deliver directly as soon as possible to those troubled by the COVID-19 crisis. We will continue to conduct these activities to contribute to society so that we can deliver the support necessary to those who need it in the future.

Donation of Multimedia Daisy and Tablets

We donated used tablets installed with the Multimedia Daisy digital book handled by the ITOCHU Foundation to special needs education schools in Tokyo and all elementary and junior high schools in Minato. We did this for children forced to endure school closures, restrictions on going outside and the cancelation of school activities due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Multimedia Daisy is a digital book. Those who have difficulty reading due to disabilities can enjoy reading this digital book with their eyes and ears on PCs and tablets. It is possible to see pictures and photographs on the screen while listening to the text by audio.
We hope to give the joy and fun of learning through Multimedia Daisy without leaving behind children who have reading difficulties even during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please see here[Open in a new window] (Japanese only) for details of the ITOCHU Foundation.


Blood Drives by the Japanese Red Cross Society

The blood available for transfusions has decreased significantly due to the government asking people to avoid leaving their homes and the cancelation of blood drives. With this becoming a serious problem, ITOCHU held an emergency blood drive at our Tokyo Headquarters on June 11, 2020 in response to societal demand. We held this blood drive with the utmost care. For example, we ventilated the venue, disinfected it and ensured distancing between attendees. Many of our employees contributed with 88 giving blood (129 asked to do so). We also held a blood drive at our Kyushu Branch on June 25. The number of people who gave blood was 60 (77 asked to do so). This included employees of 20 group companies.
Employees in the ITOCHU Group across Japan have been cooperating with the Japanese Red Cross Society. For example, employees of our Hokkaido Branch, Chugoku & Shikoku Branch, and Hokuriku Office have been participating by visiting regional blood drive venues. Blood cannot be stocked, so it is needed constantly. Therefore, we will continue holding blood drives while paying attention to safety.


Aoyama Takeout Map

ITOCHU has launched the Aoyama Takeout Map. This is a site to support restaurants in the Aoyama area where our headquarters building is located. We will support restaurants impacted by companies in the surrounding area implementing teleworking and the government asking people to avoid eating out through takeout meals.


Donation of Tickets for KidZania Tokyo to the Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital

We donated 150 tickets for KidZania Tokyo, officially sponsored by ITOCHU, to the Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital on October 16, 2020. This is a hospital we have been working with on our measures against COVID-19. We hope that this will be a soothing time for healthcare professionals fighting on the frontline every day and their families.