Action Plan

We are identifying material issues to embed into Sustainability Action Plans.
We are promoting sustainability by laying down a concreate responsive approach and success indicators in order to fulfill our commitment to demonstrate medium- to long-term growth and show that we our providing value to society.

Risks Opportunities
  • Decline in labor productivity, loss of excellent human resources, missed business opportunities, increase in health-related expenses, and other events that would result from failure to take appropriate measures, and others.
  • Improvement of labor productivity and health and motivation, securing of excellent human resources, enhanced capability of responding to changes and business opportunities, and other events that will result from the creation of a workplace that provides job satisfaction, and others.
SDGs Targets Issues to address Co Business area Commitment Specific approach Performance indicators
Improving operating efficiency and addressing the issue of long-working hours through work style reform Headquarters Human Resources Affairs We will promote a well-balanced working style and reduce the total number of working hours, aiming to improve employee engagement.

<ITOCHU Corporation>

  • Promote the morning focused working system.
  • Conduct regular monitoring of employees' work situations.
  • Promote work automation with IT tools, including the robotic process automation (RPA), as well as mobile work.
  • Promote projects for improving the operating efficiency at each organization.

<ITOCHU Group>

  • Efficient way of working, appropriate working hours management, and educational and awareness-raising activities at the ITOCHU Group.
  • FY2021: Reduce the annual average overtime hours by at least 10% compared to the period prior to the introduction of the morning-focused working system.
  • FY2021: Percentage of employees who leave the office building at 20:00 or later at 5% or fewer.
  • FY2021: Paid leave acquisition rate at 70% or higher.
  • Rate of positive responses to the "employee engagement" item in the engagement survey: 70% or higher.
Improving the health of employees Headquarters Human Resources Affairs We will improve the health of employees to create an environment that will enable individual employees to better demonstrate their capabilities. We will build a system that helps employees with cancer or long-term illness to create a balance between treatment and work, thereby fostering a culture of mutual support.
  • Keep the percentage of employees who receive regular medical checkups at 100%.
  • Establish well-equipped in-house clinics and a system for supporting each employee in receiving personalized medical care.
  • Promote measures for helping employees create a balance between cancer treatment and work.
  • Offer healthy dishes in the employee cafeteria.
  • Promote the program for supporting smoking cessation treatment expenses.
  • Utilize Re: Body, a health management website for employees, and continue to provide special programs for employees at risk for lifestyle-related diseases.
  • Percentage of employees who receive regular medical checkups: 100%.
  • FY2021: Improve health indicators (such as BMI) compared to FY2017 values.
  • FY2021: Percentage of employees who leave work due to cancer or long-term illness at 0%.
  • FY2021: Rate of employees found to have a high level of stress in the stress check at 5% or lower.
Sustainable development of employees' capabilities Headquarters Human Resources Affairs We will develop training programs on a global basis that respond to the changing times and business needs. We will also utilize training programs to continuously produce excellent human resources.
  • Continue to develop and provide training programs at all jobs levels.
  • Continue and enhance overseas deployment of interns and language trainees.
  • Offer diverse career path options and experience in diverse works through regular rotation.
  • Foster career awareness among employees by enhancing personnel assessment, career vision training, career counselling systems and other programs/systems.
  • FY2021: Annual E&D expenses exceeding one billion yen.
  • Rate of positive responses to the "education and training" item in the engagement survey: 60% or higher.
  • FY2021: Percentage of career-track employees who acquire business-level English skills in their first eight years at the company at 100%.
  • FY2021: Percentage of career-track employees who are deployed overseas in their first eight years at the company at 80% or higher.
Creating an environment that allows diverse human resources to exercise their potential Headquarters Human Resources Affairs We will prohibit all types of discrimination, including those based on age, gender and nationality, and respect human rights. We will create an environment that will permit the active participation of employees whose work hours are limited due to childcare, nursing care, diseases or similar circumstances.
  • Continue fair and equitable recruitment and promotion.
  • Create a work climate of mutual respect and support.
  • Reasonable accommodations concerning the work environment of people with disabilities.
  • Respond to LGBT considerations and provide employee training on LGBT.
  • Enhance on-site day-care centers and nursing care support services.
  • Enhance individual support for employees provided in accordance with their life stage and career.
  • Promote flexible ways of working by making use of mobile work.
  • Support the active participation of senior human resources over 65 years old.
  • FY2021: Percentage of female career-track employees among all career-track employees: 10%.
  • FY2021: Percentage of female career-track employees among employees in leadership positions at 10%.
  • FY2021: Proportion of our workforce with disabilities at 2.3%.