Sustainability in Our Supply Chain and Business Investment

Engaged in trading and business investment on a worldwide basis, ITOCHU Corporation also takes full consideration for human rights, labor and the environment, etc., through sustainability management that is commensurate with the respective business activities for its supply chain and business investment.

Through such consideration, the Company is determined to build a sustainable value chain and link this to heightening the competitiveness and corporate value of the ITOCHU Group.

Supply Chain Management

This section describes Sustainability management in trading.

Business Investment Management

This section describes Sustainability management in business investment.

Product-by-Product Approaches to Sustainable Procurement

This section describes Product-by-Product Approaches to Sustainable Procurement.

About Documentary Report Project

In our stakeholder dialogue of 2008, the experts talked to us about how important it is to tell the consumer where things come from. Apart from the price and quality of a product, questions such as whether the people involved in the product making process all make appropriate earnings or whether the environment is taken into consideration are issues of great importance. Consumers need to receive accurate information to select good products and companies from a general point of view in order to build a well-balanced society.
In this project, we will present documentary reports on the situations in supply chains for various products handled by ITOCHU Corporation and our business investment activities.

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