The Great East Japan Earthquake Support Activities

Volunteer Activities Vol.1

Twice in December, a total of 25 employees in the ITOCHU Group participated in voluntary activities for earthquake disaster relief operations in the city of Rikuzentakata. Nine months after the massive earthquake, demand for volunteers was shifting to reconstruction purposes, but volunteers are still needed. All participants met with local residents and engaged enthusiastically in collaborative work.


Volunteers' Comments

Our volunteer activities consisted of cultivating a field in a small community square on the first two days, and on the third day filling bags with sweets to be given to children living in temporary housing for Christmas.
Imagining the joy of the children, we formed a production line to remove the sweets from the boxes and put them into bags. Nine ITOCHU Group employees and three local mothers living in the temporary housing worked together for 2.5 hours to make up 1500 bags for the children.


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