The Great East Japan Earthquake Support Activities

Volunteer Activities Vol.18

Food Company of ITOCHU Corporation has offered the agricultural training program to new staff members. The objective is to give them an opportunity to learn how hard it is to make a living in agriculture, and to ensure that they do not forget the gratitude for farmers. This year’s program was titled New Agricultural Volunteers and was linked to the demand for agricultural support in the areas affected by the earthquake disaster.
The colleagues visited Otsuchi, Iwate to help the local farmers shift from summer vegetables to fall/spring vegetables. They removed weed from harvested corn and its surroundings, and also helped make suggestions for and develop local food items for an exhibition to be held in Tokyo, based on the needs for regional development. Most of all, our young colleagues are thankful for having an opportunity to visit the affected area which still leaves many traces of damage, and to learn a lot from the exchange with members of Oraga-Otsuchi Yumehiroba who are seriously committed to the reconstruction of their hometown.
* Through Northern Iwate Travel Service Inc., we asked Oraga-Otsuchi Yumehiroba to arrange for the program.


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