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Metals & Minerals Company

Metals & Minerals Company

Contributing to the World by Developing Mineral Resources and Ensuring Stable Supply

The Metals & Minerals Company consists of two divisions -- the Metals & Mineral Resources Division and the Coal, Nuclear Fuel & Solar Division -- and one department, the Steel Business Coordination Department.
The Metals & Mineral Resources Division operates a large supply chain consisting of operations of large-scale iron ore and aluminum projects; development of mineral resources such as minor metals and base metals, and trades in iron ore and non-ferrous metal products.
The Coal, Nuclear Fuel & Solar Division promotes the key lifelines of electric power and power generation and supports the steel industry through development and trade in fuel coal, coking coal and uranium.
It is involved in the global trade of coal and uranium as well as the development and trade of new fuels for power generation, including biomass. The solar power generation business is another important segment of the division. The Division is consequently active within the extensive sphere of worldwide electric power and power generation.
The Steel Business Coordination Department is exploring ways to develop synergies with Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc.
The activities of the Metals & Minerals Company contribute to the stable supply of mineral resources to Japan and the world and to the development of the global economy and environmental initiatives.

Business Fields

Metals & Mineral ResourcesMetals & Mineral Resources
Iron ore, Pellet, Direct reduced iron, Non-ferrous metals, Minor metals, Base metals, Aluminum, Alumina , Ferro alloy and its materials
Steel & Non-Ferrous ProductsSteel & Non-Ferrous Products
Steel plates, Hot & cold rolled sheets, Galvanized steel, Steel for machinery, Stainless steel, High tensile steel, Various specialty steel materials, Construction materials, Welded steel pipes, Seamless steel pipes, Steel wires, Marine steel structures, Bridges, Prefabricated steel for buildings, Rails, Non-ferrous/light metal products, aluminum rolled products, Aluminum extrusion products, Electric Wires, Optical Fiber cables, Electronic materials and products, Steel scrap, Pig iron, Metal powder, Electrodes, Activated carbon
Coal, Nuclear Fuel & SolarCoal, Nuclear Fuel & Solar
Coking coal, Coke, Thermal coal, Biomass, Emission credits, Solar power generation businesses

Related News

Mar. 18, 2016
ITOCHU Announces on Mega-Solar Power Generation Business at Oita Hiyoshibaru Mega-Solar Power Plant
Jan. 15, 2016
ITOCHU Announces Plan for Mega Solar Business Operated Through Saga-Ouchi Solar Power Station
Dec. 1, 2015
ITOCHU Announces Merger of Assets Related to Iron Ore Mining Business in Brazil

Business Portfolio,Strategy

Main Project

Iron Ore Project in BrazilIron Ore Project in Brazil
As the leader of a consortium of Japanese, Korean and Taiwan companies, we participated in Congonhas Minérios, an iron ore producer and distributor in Brazil.
Iron Ore Project in Western AustraliaIron Ore Project in Western Australia
Jointly with a major resources company BHP Billiton, we are developing an iron ore production business, which we plan to expand to have an annual production and loading capacity of 290 million tons.
The exploration & development of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) and Nickel of the Platreef ProjectThe exploration & development of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) and Nickel of the Platreef Project
Jointly with Ivanhoe Mines Ltd., a Canadian resources company, we are developing a PGM mine in South Africa, which we believe will become the world’s largest underground PGM mine.
Iron Ore Sales Business in ChinaIron Ore Sales Business in China
Jointly with Tewoo group Co., Ltd., a major trading company, we are developing iron ore businesses in China, including importing, processing and sales.
Coal Business in Australia and IndonesiaCoal Business in Australia and Indonesia
Jointly with Glencore and Whitehaven, reliable resource companies, we are developing a coal production business boasting an annual production volume of more than 30 million tons.
Coal Project in ColombiaCoal Project in Colombia
Jointly with Drummond, a major resources company, we are developing a coal production business boasting an annual production volume of 30 million tons.
Mega-Solar Power Business in JapanMega-Solar Power Business in Japan
Construction of Large-scale Solar Power Plant in Oita, generating 52,500,110kWh of Power Annually, will start operation.
Long-term, Large-scale Uranium Sale and Purchase Contract in UzbekistanLong-term, Large-scale Uranium Sale and Purchase Contract in Uzbekistan
We signed a Long-term, Large-scale Sale and Purchase Contract with "Navoi Mining And Metallurgical Combinat" State Company.


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