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Textile Company

Textile Company

The Textile Company Continues to Create Value

Consisting of four divisions, the Apparel Division 1, the Apparel Division 2, the Brand Marketing Division 1 and the Brand Marketing Division 2, the Textile Company develops the business in a wide range of fields from raw materials to finished products, from fashion to non-textile materials, and achieves the highest turnover among general trading companies in Japan.

Business Fields

Raw Materials / MaterialsRaw Materials / Materials
Fiber, raw materials, textile fabrics, lining and garment materials, shirts, denim, functional materials, and all kinds of fiber materials for industrious uses, such as automobiles, aircraft, electronics, sports, building materials, and engineering, as well as general merchandise.
All types of garments, from men's and women's fashion, underwear, sportswear and uniforms.
Brand BusinessBrand Business
Imports and licensing businesses for lifestyle brands, fashion accessories and garments in a wide range of areas, such as luxury, casual and sports. Also, internet and TV shopping businesses.

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Mar. 11, 2014
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Feb. 25, 2014
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Feb. 13, 2014
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Business Portfolio,Strategy

Main Project

Initiatives with strong Chinese partnersInitiatives with strong Chinese partners
Accelerating business operations in the enormous Chinese market through strategic partnerships with leading local companies
Expansion of manufacturing networksExpansion of manufacturing networks
Acquiring U.K.-based Bramhope Group Holdings
Overseas brand developmentOverseas brand development
Expanding our business field into Asia and other emerging markets with proven track records in Japan.
Shift toward downstream areas in our asset portfolioShift toward downstream areas in our asset portfolio
Acquiring stakes in a string of quality companies such as Leilian Co.,Ltd. , JAVA HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd., and Sankei Co.,Ltd. for synergies within the group
Industrial textile business development in AsiaIndustrial textile business development in Asia
Developing businesses globally beyond the clothing sector, including hygiene products, industrial materials and electronics.


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Our Business

Textile Company Web SiteTextile Company Web Site[Open in a new window]
For the latest information and the monthly media magazine “Textile Monthly” from the Textile Company.

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