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Food Company

Food Company

For the Next Generation Becoming a Leader in the Asian Food Industry

The Food Company consists of three divisions and one department: the Provisions Division, Fresh Food Division, Food Products Marketing & Distribution Division and China Business Development Department.
The goal of this division company is to become the leading company in the global food industry.
Accordingly, the Food Company globally advances and develops Strategic Integrated System (SIS) strategies that realizes efficient, customer-driven production, distribution, and sales by organically linking food resources development, food resources supply, product processing, midstream distribution, and retail. Further, throughout that system we are upgrading controls for food safety even further to ensure trust and reliability.

Business Fields

Food ResourcesFood Resources
Using supply locations in North America, Asia, Australia, Central and South America and elsewhere, we procure foodstuffs such as grains, ingredients for animal feed, oilseed, vegetable oil, sugar, fruit juice, coffee beans and livestock products for third party countries with the focus on Japan and Asia.
Product ProcessingProduct Processing
At the Food Company, we are stepping up initiatives in production and processing through Group companies. As well as making use of the strengths of the trading company in procuring ingredients, we also cooperate in marketing.
Midstream DistributionMidstream Distribution
With ownership of food wholesalers such as ITOCHU Shokuhin Co., Ltd. and NIPPON ACCESS, Inc., we are not only top of the industry in terms of size but, as a wholesaler with high added value and fully capable of responding to diversifying needs, we expect further growth.
The Strategic Integrated System (SIS) that forms the cornerstone strategy of the Food Company takes customer needs as its starting point and uses the information obtained as the basis for actions from product development and manufacturing to the supply and procurement of ingredients. Through associations with FamilyMart and other retailers, we are building a supply and demand system based on customer needs collected from those group retailers.

Related News

Feb. 18, 2015
ITOCHU Announces Consideration of Capital and Business Alliance with Chubushiryo for a Feed Manufacturing Business
Sep. 9, 2014
ITOCHU Announces Participation in the Business of Inland Collection and Export of Grain in Brazil Through Investment
Mar. 3, 2014
ITOCHU Acquires Exclusive Rights to Import and Sell Belgium-Based Lotus' Products

Business Portfolio,Strategy

Main Project

Strengthening Our Partnership with the Ting Hsin GroupStrengthening Our Partnership with the Ting Hsin Group
We have invested in Ting Hsin (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp, which is the holding company for the Ting Hsin Group, a major food and distribution company in China and Taiwan.
Comprehensive Tie-up with COFCO LimitedComprehensive Tie-up with COFCO Limited
A comprehensive strategic tie-up with COFCO Limited—China's largest food-related company—aiming for mutual growth and prosperity.
Export Grain Terminal at  the west coast of United States (EGT)Export Grain Terminal at the west coast of United States (EGT)
Established one of the largest export grain terminals at the west coast of the United States
The Bread Business in ChinaThe Bread Business in China
We are entering the bread-making business in China by setting up a joint venture with Shikishima Baking Co., Ltd. and Wei Chuan Foods Corporation in the Ting Hsin Group.
The Milk Powder Business in AustraliaThe Milk Powder Business in Australia
We are developing the milk powder business in collaboration with the Australian dairy manufacturer, Burra Foods Pty Ltd.
Value-added product development businessValue-added product development business
Promote product development unique to a general trading company, including development from raw materials, tie-ups with other types of business, and introduction of overseas brands
Set up Integrated Supply Structure for  Agricultural Products in Heilongjiang, ChinaSet up Integrated Supply Structure for Agricultural Products in Heilongjiang, China
In Heilongjiang, China, form business tie-ups with Heilongjiang Bureau of Agricultural Reclamation and Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Business Integration in the Food Distribution and Marketing Business Business Integration in the Food Distribution and Marketing Business
The management of NIPPON ACCESS, Family Corporation Inc., ITOCHU FRESH Corporation, and Universal Food Co., Ltd. was integrated.
Dole Busines Dole Busines
Acquisition of Asian Fresh Produce Business and Worldwide Packaged Foods Business of Dole
Pork Production Business in Canada Pork Production Business in Canada
Acquired in HYLIFE GROUP HOLDINGS LTD., one of Canada’s leading pork producers


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