Macroenvironmental PEST Analysis

The management environment surrounding ITOCHU is changing at a constantly accelerating pace. We are conducting PEST analysis to understand the inherent macroenvironmental risks and opportunities that we will face during the period of our medium-term management plan, “Brand-new Deal 2020,” and are building a competitive edge by adapting to macroenvironmental changes.

Develop businesses amid circumstances that directly impede or raise the uncertainty of sustainable growth in the global economy
Ascertain balance between expected returns and investment costs amid the wane of economic overheating due to the deceleration in the economies of developed countries and the stabilizing growth in the economies of emerging countries.
Transmit the “Sampo Yoshi” philosophy for the future and restructure business in light of the growing necessity to not only address conventional social issues but also carry out a response with an awareness of ESG matters
Create and evolve in businesses through the incorporation of new technologies and services in accordance with the current era as rapid technological innovations occur and values and living environments change