Social Media Policy

ITOCHU Corporation makes use of social media to transmit information to the public in its efforts to make the company known to as many people as possible. Users of ITOCHU social media accounts are asked to agree to the following.

Definition of Social Media

Social media is defined herein as a means of transmitting information via the Internet.

To Social Media Users

  • The statements made by ITOCHU employees on social media other than those made on an official ITOCHU Corporation account do not necessarily express the views of ITOCHU.
  • ITOCHU will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any comments posted by users.
  • ITOCHU will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to customers which may be caused by their use of social media or their failure to use social media for any reason.
  • ITOCHU will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages incurred by a user or a third party that may be caused by trouble between users or between a user and a third party in relation to ITOCHU’s social media account.
  • ITOCHU strives to ensure the accuracy of the information it posts on social media. If it should post incorrect information, it shall correct this information immediately.
  • Users are asked to refrain from performing the following behavior on ITOCHU Corporation’s social media account. Comments posted by users may be deleted if their behavior falls under any of the following.
    • Identifying, disclosing, or divulging personal information without permission from the person concerned.
    • Disgracing, discrediting, or defaming ITOCHU Corporation or a third party.
    • Infringing a copyright, right of publicity, or intellectual property right of ITOCHU Corporation or a third party.
    • Offending laws or public order and morals.
    • Any other behavior that ITOCHU judges to be inappropriate on reasonable grounds.

Official Social Media Account of ITOCHU Corporation (As of September 2021)

Official Facebook page of ITOCHU Corporation
Official YouTube of ITOCHU Corporation
Official Instagram of ITOCHU SDGs STUDIO

This Social Media Policy (guidelines) is subject to change without prior notice.