Basic IR Policy


ITOCHU Corporation decides its Basic IR Policy in accordance with “The ITOCHU Group Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct” and the “Corporate Governance Code.” The purposes of this policy is to conduct fair disclosure based on applicable laws and regulations, to promote the enhancement of corporate value from a long-term point of view through dialogue with shareholders and investors, and to establish fair and good relations with diverse stakeholders.

Disclosures subject to this policy

This policy applies to the following disclosures.

Statutory disclosures

  1. Disclosures in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
    • Securities Reports, Quarterly Reports, Internal Control Reports, Extraordinary Reports, etc.
  2. Disclosures in accordance with the Companies Act
    • Business Reports, Financial Statements, Consolidated Financial Statements, etc

Disclosures required by the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  1. Timely disclosures
    • Disclosures of information about corporate decisions or events for which the Tokyo Stock Exchange requires timely disclosure
  2. Corporate Governance Reports

Other disclosures

  1. Disclosure materials related to IR activities
  2. Annual reports
  3. Everyday communications with analysts and institutional investors, etc.

Disclosure Committee

The Disclosure Committee is one of the committees that supports proper and swift decision making by the President & CEO and the board of directors.
The CFO is the chairman of the Disclosure Committee and the committee consists of members designated by the CFO. The committee discusses corporate affairs issues that are subject to disclosure in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as well as issues related to the improvement and operation of internal control regarding financial reporting.

System Related to Disclosure Required by the Tokyo Stock Exchange

The CFO has the responsibility to make decisions about matters related to timely disclosure based on the regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The Investor Relations Division, as the section in charge of timely disclosure, makes sure that internal sections of the company understand matters related to timely disclosure. Internal sections of the company report information for which timely disclosure is required to the Investor Relations Division.
The Investor Relations Division, upon the examination and receipt of opinions from the Corporate Planning & Administrative Division and the Corporate Communications Division, requests the approval of the CFO regarding timely disclosure. After getting the CFO’s approval, the Investor Relations Division files the related timely disclosure with the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Overview of System for Timely Disclosure

Basic Policy for Disclosure and Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors, etc.

The following is our basic policy for disclosure and dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc.

Complying with related laws and regulations

Comply with related laws such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Companies Act and regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Always disclose factual information regardless of its content.


Disclose without delay any facts found that should be disclosed.


Disclose information by a method that is equally fair to all of our diverse stakeholders.


Maintain continuity in the content of information that is disclosed.


Regarding insider information and information that ITOCHU Corporation regards as important, leaking to a third party (including our employees) is prohibited before an official disclosure is made.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors, etc.

  • The CFO has the primary responsibility for dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc. The senior management and directors will strive to engage in dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc., within reasonable limits.
  • The CFO supervises the Investor Relations Division as the section in charge of dialogue with shareholders and investors. The Investor Relations Division assists the senior management and directors in engaging in dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc., by maintaining close cooperation with relevant internal departments and sections, including through regular meetings with them.
  • The CFO regularly reports to the board the views and concerns of shareholders and investors, etc., learned through dialogue. In addition, the CFO shares the views and concerns of shareholders and investors, etc., with the senior management as needed.
  • With the Investor Relations Division in charge of related activities, the CFO promotes dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc., through the following activities;

(Major Activities)

Activities Activities aside from
individual meetings

Presentations for analysts and institutional investors (Results, management plans, results forecasts, etc.)

Meetings are held every quarter, as either presentations or online conferences.

Segment-specific briefings for analysts and institutional investors

We hold meetings for analysts and institutional investors to explain specific themes, such as strategies of individual operating segments.

Briefings on large-scale projects for analysts and institutional investors

We hold extraordinary meetings when announcing large-scale projects of particular interest to analysts and individual investors.

Site tours for analysts and institutional investors

We conduct tours so that analysts and institutional investors can visit Group Companies or project sites.

Individual meetings for overseas institutional investors


These meetings are concentrated on Europe, North America, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Presentations sponsored by securities companies


We attend conferences sponsored by securities companies and hold individual meetings with overseas institutional investors.

Presentations for individual investors

With the cooperation of securities companies, we hold meetings for individual investors in various places in Japan.

Investor relations-related
materials available on our website

IR-related materials are available on our website. The following materials can be downloaded: financial statements, presentation materials for investors' meetings (including Q&A materials), materials used in segment-specific briefings, TSE filings, annual securities reports, quarterly reports, and notices of ordinary general meetings of shareholders. There is also a website for individual investors.

Control of Insider Information, etc.

Control of insider information in conducting dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc.

The basic principle is not to communicate such information to third parties (including our employees) until timely and fair disclosure is conducted.
When dialogue is conducted with investors in individual meetings, multiple staff members must always participate to make sure that such information is handled carefully.

Quiet period

During two weeks prior to the announcement of financial results (quarterly or annual), as a quiet period, we do not make any comments on business results or earnings forecasts unless matters subject to timely disclosure have occurred.

Market Rumors

In general, we do not make any comments on market rumors.
However, we may take appropriate measures when not making a response to such rumors could have a significant influence on the Company.

Identification of Shareholder Ownership Structure

In order to seek a shareholder ownership structure that has a good balance among overseas institutional investors, domestic institutional investors, and individual investors, which would be thought to be ideal for continuously increasing shareholders value, each year we obtain the registry of shareholders from the shareholder registry administrator and obtain information about substantial shareholders from research companies, track and analyze the shareholder structure, and make use of this information in our IR activities.

Positioning of this website

"Investor Relations" part of this webpage has been created in order to provide clear and timely IR information for our shareholders and investors for their further understanding of ITOCHU. Following the disclosure of information, we will endeavor to disclose the information on the webpage as soon as possible. However, please understand that disclosure may be delayed due to the information and telecommunications technology and other problems, and there may be times that information is not disclosed in entirety.
Please also refer to our Disclaimer.