ICT & Financial Business Company


The ICT & Financial Business Company consists of two divisions: the ICT Division and the Financial & Insurance Business Division, and strives to create a business synergy focused on service fields such as ICT and BPO.
In areas such as the FinTech business, and amalgamation of Finance and Technology that has attracted increased attention in recent years, we are leading efforts to tackle and expand new markets by combining the business development functions of the ICT Division with the customer networks and expertise of the Financial & Insurance Business Division.

Business Fields

Information & Communication Technology

IT Solutions, Internet related services,Venture capital, Mobile telephone equipment and service, Broadcasting and communications, Entertainment and content business, BPO business, Clinical development and sales support of pharmaceuticals, Outsourcing services for healthcare and preventive medicine

Finance and Insurance Business

Loans and payment, asset management, next-generation financial service, retail insurance, corporate insurance brokerage, insurance shops, reinsurance and credit guarantee businesses

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