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ITOCHU Selected as an index componentof Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, a Global ESG Index

ITOCHU Corporation has been selected as an index component of the World and Asia Pacific Index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, a global stock ESG index, for 6th consecutive year.

The DJSI revises the indices every September by an independent survey of economic, environmental and social practices. In FYE2019, 317 companies including 32 Japanese companies were selected as DJSI World Member among 3,502 (3,484 last year) targeted companies around the world.

ITOCHU achieved the best score in "Trading Companies & Distributors" Industry (one of the 60 Industries), and has been named as the Industry Leader for the 4th consecutive year. (As of September 2018)

ITOCHU wins Gold Class and Industry Leader at the SAM Sustainability Awards 2019

ITOCHU Corporation was awarded Gold Class at the SAM Sustainability Awards 2019, winning the recognition of RobecoSAM, a Swiss research institution that evaluates companies making efforts in sustainability and offers information to investors. ITOCHU has become the top for the fourth consecutive year in the Trading Companies & Distributors sector.

Of over 2,700 major companies around the world were assessed by RobecoSAM and it evaluates the actions and level of informational disclosure of each company in the categories of Society, Environment and Governance in each of its 60 industrial sector classifications, and awards the top companies as those conducting prominent efforts toward achieving a sustainable society.(As of February, 2019)

  • ‘Industry Leader’ which was provided to the top scoring company in each sector, is integrated with Gold Class from 2017.

Included in S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index, a global environmental stock index

The S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index is a global environmental stock index adopted by Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF). Using TOPIX as the universe, this index of S&P Dow Jones Indices, the world's leading independent index provider, overweights companies that have high carbon efficiency within their industry as calculated by Trucost on a market value basis and companies that disclose information on greenhouse gas emissions. It consists of 2,162 companies, including ITOCHU (as of September 2018).

S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index

CDP: We participate in the three CDP (a non-governmental organization based in the United Kingdom that represents institutional investors worldwide and surveys the climate change-related activities of companies) programs below.

  • CDP Climate Change
    CDP Climate Change evaluates corporate action on climate change. In FYE2019, we scored a B.
  • CDP Water
    CDP Water evaluates corporate efforts related to water stewardship.
    In FYE2019, we scored a B-.
  • CDP Forests
    CDP Forests evaluates corporate action on risks related to forest destruction within the supply chain.
    In FYE2019, we scored a B-.

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Included in the constituents of the Global Environment Equity Index "S & P / JPX Carbon Efficiency Index"

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ITOCHU Wins Award for Outstanding Performance in the Nikkei Annual Report Awards 2015

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