Metals & Minerals Company


The Metals & Minerals Company is consisted of the Metal & Mineral Resources Division and other directly overseen organizations including the Steel Business Coordination Department.

The Metal & Mineral Resources Division supports and provides raw materials to basic industries, such as steel and electric power, that are essential to social infrastructures. The Division engages in global mining and trading of iron ore, coal, uranium, base metals, and rare metals. The Division is also involved in the development and trading of non-ferrous metal materials (mainly aluminum), the trading of metal materials and products, recycling, and other businesses.

Furthermore, the “Carbon Neutral Management Section” was established in April, 2021, directly under the Metal & Mineral Resources Division in order to promote the developments in areas such as Hydrogen & Ammonia, CCUS (Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage) and the creation and trading of carbon credits, in cooperation with our customers in the fields of steel making, power generation, and with the resource companies, to strive to realize the de-carbonation of the societies.

In addition, the Steel Business Coordination Department, which is directly overseen by the Metals & Minerals Company, pursues synergy and provides a wide-ranging support for Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. in the field of steel products.

The Metals & Minerals Company contributes to the sustainable development of the global economy by supporting the stable supply of resources, energy, metal materials and metal products, and by meeting the needs of decarbonization.

Business Fields

Mineral Resources

Iron ore, Pellet, Direct reduced iron, Pig iron, Rare metals, Ferro alloy and its raw materials, Coking coal, Coke, Thermal coal, Nuclear fuel, Nuclear-related equipment, GHG emission credits, Aluminum, Alumina, Rolled aluminum products, Aluminum mold materials, Non-ferrous metals, Non-ferrous and Aluminum products, Precious metal ingots, Electrical wires, Optical fiber cables, Electronics materials, Steel scrap, Metallic powder, Electrodes, Base metals, Recycling businesses, Industrial Waste Management

Steel Products

Steel plates, Hot & cold rolled sheets, Galvanized iron plate, Machine structural steel, Stainless steel, High tensile steel, various Special steel, Construction materials, Welded steel pipes, Seamless steel pipes, Steel wires, Marine steel structures, Bridges, Building steel frame, Rails, and other steel products

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