Directors and Executive Officers

As of April 1, 2019

Members of the Board (8)

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

President & Chief Operating Officer

Executive Vice President

Member of the Board

  • *Indicates a representative director
  • **Indicates an outside director as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 15 of the Corporate Law

Audit & Supervisory Board Members (5)

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

  • *Indicates an outside audit & supervisory board member as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 16 of the Corporate Law

Executive Officers (37)

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Masahiro Okafuji

President & Chief Operating Officer

Yoshihisa Suzuki

Executive Vice President

Tomofumi Yoshida President, General Products & Realty Company
Yuji Fukuda CEO for East Asia Bloc;
CEO for Asia & Oceania Bloc;
Executive Advisory Officer for CP & CITIC Operations

Senior Managing Executive Officer

Fumihiko Kobayashi CAO
Tsuyoshi Hachimura CFO

Managing Executive Officer

Hiroyuki Tsubai President, Machinery Company
Keita Ishii President, Energy & Chemicals Company
Masahiro Morofuji President, Textile Company;
Executive Advisory Officer for Osaka Headquarters
Mitsuru Ike (Chino) President & CEO, ITOCHU International Inc.
Hiroshi Sato Chief Executive for European Operation;
Executive Advisory Officer for Africa
Shigetoshi Imai General Manager for Chubu Area
Hiroyuki Kaizuka President, Food Company
Motonari Shimizu Executive Vice President, Textile Company;
Chief Operating Officer, Apparel Division
Shunsuke Noda CDO・CIO

Executive Officer

Yoichi Ikezoe Deputy CEO for East Asia Bloc;
Senior Officer for Asia & Oceania Bloc;
CP & CITIC (Overseas Operation)
Tomoyuki Takada General Manager, Corporate Communications Division
Hiroshi Oka General Manager, Secretariat
Akira Tsuchihashi General Manager, Internal Audit Division
Yoshihiro Fukushima Chief Operating Officer, Brand Marketing Division 2
Kensuke Hosomi Executive Vice President, Food Company;
Chief Operating Officer, Food Products Marketing & Distribution Division;
CP & CITIC Business Development Department
Hisato Okubo Executive Vice President, Energy & Chemicals Company;
Chief Operating Officer, Energy Division
Tatsushi Shingu President, ICT & Financial Business Company
Hidefumi Mizutani Vice President, ITOCHU East Asia Bloc (East China);
Managing Director, ITOCHU SHANGHAI LTD.;
General Manager, Nanjing Branch, ITOCHU SHANGHAI LTD.
Shinjiro Tanaka CEO, European Tyre Enterprise Limited
Shoji Miura Chief Operating Officer, Brand Marketing Division 1
Takanori Morita Chief Operating Officer,
Automobile, Construction Machinery & Industrial Machinery Division
Toshikazu Otani Chief Executive for Africa;
General Manager, ITOCHU Corporation, Johannesburg Branch;
Managing Director, ITOCHU Nigeria Ltd.
Masaya Tanaka Chief Operating Officer, Chemicals Division
Kenji Seto President, Metals & Minerals Company;
Chief Operating Officer, Metal & Mineral Resources Division
Shinichi Aburaya Chief Operating Officer, Plant Project, Marine & Aerospace Division
Yoshiko Matoba General Manager, Research & Public Relations Division
Hiroyuki Naka General Manager, Corporate Planning & Administration Division;
General Manager, CP & CITIC Business Development Department
Tatsuya Izumi General Manager, General Accounting Control Division
Kenji Tanaka Deputy CEO for Asia & Oceania Bloc (Indo-China Area);
Chief Officer for Indo-China Area;
President, ITOCHU(Thailand) Ltd.;
President, ITOCHU Enterprise (Thailand) Ltd.
Shuichi Kato Chief Operating Officer, Financial & Insurance Business Division
Masatoshi Maki Chief Operating Officer, Construcion & Real Estate Division
  • CAO=Chief Administrative Officer
  • CFO=Chief Financial Officer
  • CDO・CIO=Chief Digital & Information Officer