Directors and Executive Officers

As of June 22, 2018

Members of the Board (8)

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

President & Chief Operating Officer

Member of the Board

  • *Indicates a representative director
  • **Indicates an outside director as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 15 of the Corporate Law

Audit & Supervisory Board Members (5)

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

  • *Indicates an outside audit & supervisory board member as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 16 of the Corporate Law

Executive Officers (36)

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Masahiro Okafuji

President & Chief Operating Officer

Yoshihisa Suzuki

Senior Managing Executive Officer

Tomofumi Yoshida President, General Products & Realty Company
Yuji Fukuda CEO for Asia & Oceania Bloc;
President & CEO, ITOCHU Singapore Pte Ltd.;
Executive Advisory Officer for CP & CITIC Operations
Shuichi Koseki President, Textile Company
Executive Advisory Officer for Osaka Headquarters
Masahiro Imai President, Machinery Company
Fumihiko Kobayashi Chief Administrative & Information Officer
Tsuyoshi Hachimura CFO

Managing Executive Officer

Yozo Kubo President, Food Company
Akihiro Ueda CEO for East Asia Bloc;
Chairman, BIC
Hiroyuki Tsubai Chief Executive for European Operation;
Executive Advisory officer for Africa
Keita Ishii President, Energy & Chemicals Company
Masahiro Morofuji Executive Vice President, Textile Company;
Chief Operating Officer, Brand Marketing Division 1
Mitsuru Ike (Chino) President & CEO, ITOCHU International Inc.
Hiroshi Sato Chief Operating Officer,
Plant Project, Marine & Aerospace Division
Shigetoshi Imai President, Metals & Minerals Company

Executive Officer

Yoichi Ikezoe Chairman, ITOCHU HONG KONG LTD.;
Senior Officer for Asia & Oceania Bloc;
CP & CITIC (Overseas Operation)
Mamoru Seki General Manager, General Accounting Control Division
Tomoyuki Takada General Manager, Corporate Communications Division
Hiroyuki Kaizuka Chief Operating Officer, Provisions Division
Hiroshi Oka General Manager, Secretariat
Motonari Shimizu Chief Operating Officer, Apparel Division
Masato Osugi Chief Operating Officer, Automobile, Construction Machinery
& Industrial Machinery Division
Akira Tsuchihashi General Manager, Internal Audit Division
Yoshihiro Fukushima Chief Operating Officer, Brand Marketing Division 2
Kensuke Hosomi Chief Operating Officer, Food Products Marketing & Distribution Division;
CP & CITIC Business Development Department
Hisato Okubo Chief Operating Officer, Energy Division
Shunsuke Noda CSO;
General Manager, CP & CITIC Business Development Department
Tatsushi Shingu President, ICT & Financial Business Company
Hidefumi Mizutani Vice President, ITOCHU East Asia Bloc (East China);
Managing Director, ITOCHU SHANGHAI LTD.;
General Manager, Nanjing Branch, ITOCHU SHANGHAI LTD.
Shinjiro Tanaka SVP & General Manager, General Products & Realty Division, ITOCHU International Inc.
Shoji Miura General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, Textile Company;
CP & CITIC Business Development Department
Takanori Morita Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Automobile,
Construction Machinery & Industrial Machinery Division
Toshikazu Otani Chief Executive for Africa;
General Manager, ITOCHU Corporation, Johannesburg Branch;
Managing Director, ITOCHU Nigeria Ltd.
Masaya Tanaka Chief Operating Officer, Chemicals Division
Kenji Seto Chief Operating Officer, Metal & Mineral Resources Division
  • CEO=Chief Executive Officer
  • COO=Chief Operating Officer
  • CAO・CIO=Chief Administrative & Information Officer
  • CSO=Chief Strategy Officer
  • CFO=Chief Financial Officer