CSR for ITOCHU Corporation

ITOCHU Corporation is pursuing multi-facetted corporate activities in various regions of the world and a wide range of fields, and as such, ITOCHU is well aware of how significant its impact on society is.
We believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) lies in corporate thought and action on the question of how to play a role in building sustainable societies through business activities. We also believe that our mission is to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility as a global enterprise, always working from the viewpoint of whether we are contributing to the countries of the world and to society.

Sampo Yoshi and ITOCHU CSR

Our history has been built together with the philosophy of sampo yoshi. We intend to practice CSR that is rooted in this principle going forward as well.

Basic Policy on CSR and Promotion System

Introducing ITOCHU's policy regarding CSR, and the system and methods it employs to promote CSR.

Stakeholder Relations

Aiming to be a global enterprise that is highly attractive to all stakeholders, we are constructing firm relations with our stakeholders.

Respect for Human Rights

Respect for human rights and individuality is integral to efforts by ITOCHU Corporation to fulfill its mission of “Committed to the Global Good.”

The United Nations Global Compact

ITOCHU support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, in order to fulfill our CSR even more actively as a global enterprise following our corporate mission.

Penetration of CSR at ITOCHU

As a general trading company with multi-faceted businesses, ITOCHU is conducting a variety of measures for CSR internal penetration with the aim of pursuing CSR activities with actual effects.