Our Initiatives for Environment

As a general trading company, ITOCHU provides various products and services and invests in businesses inside and outside of Japan, and positions global environmental problems as one of materiality in management. In order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, ITOCHU is promoting environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Activities Policies

ITOCHU is rolling out corporate management and activities on a global scale while always being aware of global environmental problems.

Environmental Management

ITOCHU Corporation became the first trading company to establish an environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO 14001, and we continue to work to improve our EMS.

Precautionary Approach to Environmental Risks

In addition to evaluating environmental risks of the products we handle, we are committed to taking a precautionary approach to environmental risks. This also extends to ITOCHU Group companies.

Promotion of Environment Conserving Businesses

We have expanded and promoted businesses that help solve environmental issues on a global scale.

Approaches to Conservation of Biodiversity

In promoting both business activities and social contribution initiatives, we aim for conservation of biodiversity and sustainable utilization of resources.

Environmental Education and Awareness

ITOCHU is working to raise environmental awareness across the entire ITOCHU Group by running various environmental education programs.

Environmental Performance Data

ITOCHU pursues environment-conserving activities starting from what all employees can do in their immediate surroundings.

Environmental Accounting

We are striving to understand circumstances including at our Group companies and respond to environmental issues in an efficient and correct manner.

Initiatives toward Environmental Distribution

We work to improve our transportation-related energy use and undertake initiatives concerning environmental distribution.