Social Contribution Topics



Letter of Appreciation from Shiga Prefecture

In March 2024, ITOCHU Corporation received a letter of appreciation from Shiga Prefecture for its donation to "Picture the Future! Shiga's Overseas Study Scholarship Program". This program supports high school students in Shiga Prefecture who want to study abroad and aims to develop human resources that can contribute to social issues with a global and local perspective. ITOCHU Corporation supports this program based on the social contribution partnership agreement with Shiga Prefecture and will continue to contribute to the development of children who will lead the next generation.

ITOCHU Corporation Saudi Arabia Branch Staff Presented Gifts to Hospitalized Children

Tuesday, March 5, 9 of ITOCHU Corporation Saudi Arabia Branch staff visit "Children's Specialized Hospital at King Fahad Medical City" in Riyadh and pass drawing tablets as gifts to encourage hospitalized children. We prepared more than 90 of gifts. Some of them, we enter each room and pass the gift one by one directly. As for the balance, hospital staff delivered all to children. All children were surprised but it looked quite happy. The parents also appreciated our activity.

Osaka Headquarters Participated in Vocational Lecture at Osaka City Temma Junior High School

On Tuesday, March 5, we participated in a vocational lecture for first-year students at Osaka City Temma Junior High School. At the request of Kita Ward, Osaka City, 12 companies from various industries gathered to explain to approximately 25 students per class what kind of work each company does. In ITOCHU's class, we used FamilyMart and other companies as examples to give the students an image of what we do as much as possible. Mr. Maeda, the mayor of Kita Ward, also came to the event and spoke about the importance of this for children to have dreams for the future and to challenge themselves to achieve their goals.


ITOCHU Baseball Class

On Saturday, February 17, ITOCHU Baseball Class was held at Meiji Jingu Stadium. This class has been held since 2007 to encourage children with disabilities to enjoy playing baseball. 53 children were paired with volunteer employees from 18 ITOCHU Group companies. While interacting with the employees, children experienced throwing, hitting, and running with coaches from the Tokyo Yakult Swallows Baseball Academy. A total of 231 people, including the children's families, had a great time.


Employee donations for damage caused by 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake

ITOCHU Corporation donated 10 million yen to support the victims of 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake and their reconstruction. ITOCHU also set up a dedicated website to accept donations from individual employees. 5,379,000 yen was collected between January 9 and January 31, 2024. Both donations and employee contributions will be donated to Japan Platform (JPF), a non-profit organization, and will be used to support NGO activities in the affected areas through JPF.

Hiroshima Men’s Ekiden Relay Race Cleanup Volunteers by Chugoku and Shikoku Branch

On January 21, 45 volunteers from 13 group companies donned ITOCHU blue caps and cleaned up the area around Peace Memorial Park, near the branch. While cleaning up, we cheered for Ishikawa Prefecture Team, who was hit by 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake.

Cleanup around Nagoya ITOCHU Building

Once a year, Chubu Branch staff clean up around our branch building as part of our beautification activities. On January 11, a total of 22 people were divided into 2 groups and collected garbage around the building. Thanks to the daily beautification activities by local residents, the amount of garbage around the building seems to be decreasing year by year.