Code of Ethical Conduct

All of our executives and employees shall act with high ethical standards based on the principles outlined in this Code of Ethical Conduct, and also comply with all relevant domestic and international laws, regulations, and expectations. In doing so, we shall aim to fulfill our Guideline of Conduct “I am One with Infinite Missions”. The Board oversees this Code of Ethical Conduct and its implementation.

Innovation for sustainable economic growth

We shall develop useful and safe next-generation services and products by innovating new technologies and approaches. In doing so, we shall aim to contribute to the sustainable growth of the economy and the provision of solutions to social issues.

Respecting Human Rights

We shall respect the human rights of all individuals involved throughout our business activities.

Work-style reform and work environment improvement

We shall pursue a work-style reform and enhance our work environment to ensure that diversity and each individual’s dignity and individuality is respected, and moreover employees can develop their skills and knowledge.

Environmental conservation

We shall proactively contribute to the conservation of the global environment and the sustainable development of society by reducing our environmental footprint and engaging in environmentally conscious businesses

Fair business practices

We shall commit to preventing corruption and anti-competitive practices, and responsibly pursue fair business practices and transactions. Moreover, we shall commit to complying with laws, regulations, and international agreements in our global operations and procurement activities. Finally, we shall maintain a responsible relationship with governments and local authorities.

Information security and transparency

We shall implement strict security measures to manage information obtained through our business activities.
At the same time, in order to maintain transparency regarding our products and services, we shall appropriately and truthfully communicate relevant information to our stakeholders

Philanthropy and community engagement

As responsible corporate citizens, we shall proactively engage with communities we operate in and make contributions to building an affluent and comfortable society for all

Effective emergency response

The activities of anti-society groups, terrorists, cyber-terrorists, as well as natural disasters pose a great threat to the sustainability of society and our business. We shall ensure a thorough and effective emergency response approach

Fumihiko Kobayashi

Member of the Board
Executive Vice President
Chief Administrative Officer

April, 2021