Accountability to Stakeholders

Viewing explanations of corporate and business management information to such stakeholders as shareholders and other investors as an important corporate governance task, we strive for timely and appropriate disclosure. Investor relations activities in FYE 2021 include the followings.

Activity Times Content

Investor briefings on financial results for analysts and institutional investors


Held presentations for analysts and institutional investors every quarter, through web conferences.

Investor briefings on operating segments / projects for analysts and institutional investors


We hold meetings for analysts and institutional investors to explain specific themes, such as strategies of individual operating segments. (Topic of FYE2021 : Power & Environmental Solution Division)

Overseas IR roadshow


Visited Europe, North America, Hong Kong, and Singapore to have individual meetings with overseas institutional investors.

Conferences sponsored by securities companies


Attended conferences sponsored by securities companies and held individual meetings mainly with overseas institutional investors.

Presentations for individual investors


Held meetings for individual investors through web conference.

Disclosure of IR-related materials on website

Disclose Investor Relations-related materials on our website. Following materials are available: financial statements, presentation materials for investors’ meetings (including Q&As), materials used in segment-specific briefings, TSE filings, annual securities reports (yuka shoken hokokusho), quarterly securities reports (shihanki hokokusho), and notice of general meeting of shareholders.

  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we held individual online meetings instead of overseas IR roadshow.


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