Corporate Governance / Compliance

ITOCHU Corporation operates its business to establish the long-term preservation and enhancement of its corporate value by building fair and positive relationships with its stakeholders in accordance with the ITOCHU Group Corporate Mission and Guideline of Conduct. To ensure its appropriate and efficient business operations, ITOCHU is increasing the transparency of its decision-making process and constructing a corporate governance / compliance system that incorporates proper monitoring and supervisory functions.

Corporate Governance

To carry out our business activities in a fair and efficient manner, we are boosting the transparency of our decision-making process and constructing a governance system that incorporates appropriate monitoring and supervisory functions.


To ensure that we do not betray the trust our predecessors have placed in us, we will make concerted efforts to further expand and upgrade the ITOCHU Group’s compliance systems.

Internal Control System

To continue to revise and improve internal control systems tirelessly in order to build systems that are even more appropriate and efficient.

Accountability to Stakeholders

IR activities in FYE 2023.

Meetings of the Board of Directors and Corporate Officer Compensation

Results under the corporate governance system

Basic IR Policy

ITOCHU’s basic IR Policy.

Independence Criteria

ITOCHU’s independence criteria for outside directors and outside corporate auditors

Results of Board Evaluation

Overview of Results of the Evaluation as to the Effectiveness of the Board of Directors of ITOCHU Corporation