Members of the Board, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and Executive Officers

As of July 1, 2024

[Reference] Creation of Senior Operating Officer (5)

ITOCHU Corporation limits the tenure of its Executive Officers (*) to two (2) years, and has created a new post called Senior Operating Officer as a post-retirement position. Senior Operating Officers will either continue the duties they were carrying out prior to retirement, or will be assigned other internal duties, and will be ranked above Executive Officers (excluding Executive Officers who are appointed in key executive roles). In addition, appointments to key executive roles shall be made from among Senior Operating Officers or the former Executive Officers of ITOCHU Corporation transferred to ITOCHU Group.

Creation of Senior Operating Officer

Tomokuni Nishiguchi General Manager, Secretariat
Nobuyuki Tabata Chief Operating Officer, Chemicals Division
Naohiko Yoshikawa President & CEO, ITOCHU International Inc
Kotaro Yamamoto Chief Operating Officer, Forest Products, General Merchandise & Logistics Division
Kuniaki Abe Chief Operating Officer, Fresh Food Division
  • This excludes Executive Officers who are appointed in key executive roles, such as Executive Officers with executive titles, Division Company Presidents, and officers in charge of overseeing head office functions, and Executive Officers appointed by a special measure applicable to women.