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Textile Company

ITOCHU Textile Prominent (ASIA) Ltd.[Open in a new window]

Area:Hong Kong

Production control and wholesale of apparel

URL: http://www.ipahkg.com.hk/[Open in a new window]

General Products & Realty Company

ITOCHU LOGISTICS (CHINA) CO., LTD. [Open in a new window]


Comprehensive logistics services (3PL, warehousing and trucking)

URL: http://www.bpl.com.cn/ [Open in a new window]

Unicharm Consumer Products (China) Co., Ltd.


Production and sales of baby care, feminine care, and other products

ICT & Financial Business Company


Area:Republic of the Philippines

Loan business for individuals

URL: https://www.acom.com.ph/[Open in a new window]

Cosmos Services Co., Ltd.[Open in a new window]

Area:Hong Kong

Consulting and broking of insurance and reinsurance

URL: http://www.cosmos-services.com.hk/[Open in a new window]

ITOCHU Finance (Asia) Ltd.

Area:Hong Kong

Financial investment and development of new financial business in China and Hong Kong

Rights & Brands Asia Ltd.

Area:Hong Kong

Licensing Business in Asia

United Asia Finance Limited[Open in a new window]

Consumer loan business (Hong Kong S.A.R., China)

URL: https://www.uaf.com.hk/tc/[Open in a new window]

Other Subsidiaries and Associates

CISD(ASIA)CO.,LTD.[Open in a new window]

Area:Hong Kong

Provide a wide range of ICT(Information and communication technology) solutions for not only
Itochu overseas group companies but also non-Itochu group companies in Hong Kong and Guangdong area of China.

URL: http://www.cisd.com.hk/[Open in a new window]