Internal Control System

On April 19, 2006, ITOCHU's Board of Directors established the Basic Policy regarding the Internal Control System, which was most recently partially revised as of May 14, 2021. ITOCHU intends to revise and improve the internal control system tirelessly in order to build a system that is even more appropriate and efficient.
The following highlights two noteworthy initiatives under this policy.

Initiatives to Further Enhance the Reliability of Financial Reporting

We have established an internal system in order to further enhance the reliability of our consolidated financial reporting. The designing and implementing of internal control are periodically assessed to keep making appropriate improvements. Specifically, a Chief Responsible for Internal Control has been appointed in each organization to design and implement internal control. The Internal Audit Division evaluates the effectiveness of internal control and provides feedback to each organization to ensure the continuous improvement. Overall management of these initiatives is conducted by the Internal Audit Division, and important matters are determined through deliberations in the Disclosure Committee chaired by the CFO. In this way, we are working to reinforce the companywide internal control system.

Strengthening Risk Management on a Group Basis, Including Subsidiaries

ITOCHU has established internal committees and responsible departments in order to address the various risks associated with the Group's business operations, such as market risk, credit risk, country risk, and investment risk. At the same time, on a Group basis ITOCHU has developed the risk management systems and methods to manage various risks individually and on a companywide basis.
Those include a range of management regulations, investment criteria, risk exposure limits, and transaction limits, as well as reporting and monitoring systems. Moreover, ITOCHU regularly reviews the effectiveness of its risk management systems. As part of such efforts, the ALM Committee protects the ITOCHU Group's assets through deliberations on Group balance sheet management as well as analysis and management of risk.