Members of the Board, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and Executive Officers

As of July 1, 2024

Executive Officers (38)

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Masahiro Okafuji CEO

President & Chief Operating Officer

Keita Ishii COO

Executive Vice President

Fumihiko Kobayashi CAO
Tsuyoshi Hachimura CFO
Hiroyuki Tsubai President, Machinery Company

Senior Managing Executive Officer

Shunsuke Noda President, ICT & Financial Business Company

Managing Executive Officer

Mitsuru Chino General Manager, Corporate Communications Division

Executive Officer

Masaya Tanaka President, Energy & Chemicals Company
Kenji Seto CSO
Hiroyuki Naka CXO;
General Manager, Group CEO Office
Shuichi Kato Chief Executive for Europe & CIS Bloc;
Masatoshi Maki President, General Products & Realty Company
Tatsuo Odani President, The 8th Company
Hideto Takeuchi President, Textile Company;
Executive Advisory Officer for Osaka Headquarters
Shuichi Miyamoto President, Food Company
Jun Inomata President, Metals & Minerals Company
Tsutomu Yamauchi Director,
Executive Vice President
WECARS Co., Ltd.
Manabu Fukugaki Chief Operating Officer, Brand Marketing Division
Toshiyuki Kakimi General Manager, Human Resources & General Affairs Division;
Group CEO Office
Tadashi Ishibashi CEO for East Asia Bloc
Hiroshi Ushijima Chief Operating Officer, Automobile, Construction Machinery & Industrial Machinery Division
Nario Kadono Senior Vice President, Machinery Company (Special Mission Officer);
Chief Executive for Green Transformation (GX)
Keiko Ebine President, ITOCHU Financial Management Inc.
Kaori Iwasawa Manager, Monitoring & Review Section, General Products & Realty Company
Hiroyuki Nakamura Chief Operating Officer, Food Products Marketing & Distribution Division
Yasuhiro Abe Chief Operating Officer, Power & Environmental Solution Division
Tetsuya Yamada Chief Operating Officer, Energy Division
Kenji Yamamoto General Manager, The 8th Company
Hiroshi Nakamoto General Manager, The 8th Company
Go Mimura Chief Operating Officer, Apparel Division
Daisuke Inoue Chief Operating Officer, Metal & Mineral Resources Division;
General Manager, Non-Ferrous Metal & Recycle Department
Takeshi Inoue General Manager, Corporate Planning & Administration Division;
General Manager, CP & CITIC Business Development Department;
Group CEO Office
Shuichiro Yamaura General Manager, General Accounting Control Division
Masahiro Sogabe General Manager, Legal Division
Toshio Okudera General Manager, Planning & Administration Department, Machinery Company;
CP & CITIC Business Development Department
Hiroko Tada SVP & General Manager, ITOCHU International Inc., Washington Office
Yoriko Oota General Manager, General Affairs Department, Human Resources & General Affairs Division
Kaori Terauchi General Manager, Export Control & Sanctions Department, Legal Division
  • CEO=Chief Executive Officer
  • COO=Chief Operating Officer
  • CAO=Chief Administrative Officer
  • CFO=Chief Financial Officer
  • CSO=Chief Strategy Officer
  • CXO=Chief Transformation Officer