Agreement Signed with Hiroshima Prefecture Concerning Emergency Assistance

Providing a horizontal assistance system that takes full advantage of the Itochu Group's multilateral strengths

March 19, 2009

March 25, Itochu Corporation (hereafter “Itochu”), together with four companies in the Itochu Group (ITOCHU ENEX Co., Ltd., Enex Petroleum Sales Nishi-Nihon Co., Ltd., Itochu Enex Home-Life Nishi-Nihon Co., Ltd. and ITC Networks Corporation) will sign an “agreement for a comprehensive support system for emergencies” with Hiroshima Prefecture to establish an assistance system that will take full advantage of the Itochu Group's multilateral strengths in the event of a major disaster.

Since 2004, Itochu Corporation has partnered with many prefectures and cities to promote local industry, provide assistance in new areas of technology, and make effective use of the assets of government authorities. Our aim has been to encourage community growth and create an affluent society by providing a trading company's expertise in terms of networks to meet the policies of the partner government authorities.

In signing this agreement with Hiroshima Prefecture, the main focus is on the social responsibility of the companies. This agreement follows the emergency assistance agreements that the Itochu Group, of which these four companies are a part, signed with Fukuoka Prefecture (February 2008) and Miyazaki Prefecture (November 2008).

Unlike usual agreements on emergency assistance that are signed individually, this agreement achieves a horizontal link of functions that can be provided by the groups engaged in business in Hiroshima Prefecture, enabling prompt and comprehensive assistance in an emergency. In particular, we expect that the agreement will support the prefecture's initial response system immediately after a disaster, and prove effective in assisting victims.

Company Area Assistance provided Number of stores or office in the prefecture
Itochu Corporation General trader Overall coordination with the prefecture and signatory companies 1
ITOCHU ENEX Co., Ltd. Wholesaler of petroleum products such as gasoline, gas stations Priority refueling to emergency vehicles (police, fire, supply-transport vehicles) in the event of an emergencyMaking gas stations around the disaster-stricken area available to victims and non-residents of the area as facilities for evacuation and emergency food and supplies. 24
Enex Petroleum Sales Nishi-Nihon Co., Ltd. Gas stations Same as above 8
Itochu Enex Home-Life Nishi-Nihon Co., Ltd. LP Gas Supply of LP gas, gas cylinders, stovetops, water heaters and heaters to the disaster-stricken area for emergency cooking, etc. Handling of procedures and public announcements when stopping LP gas services to prevent any secondary disaster 8
ITC Networks Corporation Business related to mobile telephones Public awareness campaigns for making residents aware of message services and so on during emergencies 1
  • Note: Family Mart Co., Ltd, which is one of the Itochu Group companies, signed an “agreement to provide emergency supplies and assist people walking home” in November 2006