ITOCHU Launches IT-Based Energy Conservation & Management Services Services Coincide with Introduction of Revised Law on Rational Use of Energy

September 11, 2009

ITOCHU Corporation is pleased to announce that the launch of Energy Conservation Services for enterprises, and Energy Efficiency Assessment & Solution Services and Next Generation Energy Management Services for buildings, facilities, stores, etc. (The services are collectively called “Energy Conservation & Management Services”).

In light of the recent global effort to reduce CO2 emissions, accompanied by national regulations, it has become essential for companies to take steps to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, with the introduction of the Revised Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy from April 2010, companies subject to the new law now have an urgent need to take immediate action.
In light of these circumstances, ITOCHU will use the know-how and technology it has cultivated through its IT services to offer Energy Conservation & Management Services, including solutions backed by new methodology and integrated energy control systems that benefit from IT devices, to companies with large offices and factories, universities, hospitals, large retail and restaurant franchises, and other clients.

1) Energy Conservation Services (compliant with the Revised Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy) (Date of service launch: October 15, 2009)

Once the Revised Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy is enforced in April 2010, each company will be obligated to report the energy used for its entire operation to a Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. The service that ITOCHU is offering is SaaS, which will be supporting a series of processes required for the reporting. ITOCHU will offer the system free of charge within this fiscal year to provide an environment in which companies can prepare for compliance with the legal obligations that will be introduced starting next year onward.

2) Energy Efficiency Assessment & Solution Services (Date of service launch: set for January 2010)

In accordance with the Revised Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy, ITOCHU will provide Energy Efficiency Assessment Services that assess the efficiency of equipment used in the office, etc. to companies that are required to make efforts to reduce energy use as well as companies that consider the reduction of energy use as part of their cost cutting initiatives. ITOCHU will also offer Energy Efficiency Solution Services based on the assessment to optimize the energy efficiency.

3) Next Generation Energy Management Services (Date of service launch: set for April 2010)

ITOCHU will focus on promoting its Next Generation Energy Management Services, which allows equipment to be automatically controlled in the manner best suited to each different environment, whether that be an office, store, or facility, to optimize energy efficiency. Based on the accumulated profile data, energy efficiency will be automatically optimized in conjunction with various sensors. The optimization will be monitored at a control center to constantly monitor energy use, inhibit use at peak times, and eliminate inefficiencies, ultimately contributing to cost savings.

ITOCHU will be expanding these Energy Conservation & Management Services to offer better, new solutions.
ITOCHU is contributing to the creation a low-carbon society through its Group commitment to eco-friendly projects.