Sales of Skype™ Credit, a prepaid coupon, Commence at Lawson

September 29, 2009

ITOCHU Corporation and Skype Communications S.a.r.l., a subsidiary of Skype Technologies S.A., provider of the Skype (Note 1) free Internet-based communication software, in cooperation with Wellnet Corporation, will commence sales of Skype Credit, a prepaid coupon to use Skype's fee-based features (Note 2), at stores of Lawson, Inc, today, September 29.

As the exclusive Japanese distributor of Skype Credit for retail use, Itochu is expanding sales to convenience stores and other physical outlets. With the commencement of sales at Lawson stores, we offer a convenient environment for customers who can now purchase Skype Credit at the 8,699 Lawson stores nationwide that have a Loppi system.

Types of Skype Credit (coupons) available for purchase via Loppi

500-yen, 1,000-yen, 2,000-yen, 3,000-yen and 5,000-yen coupons (each can be purchased in single units)

Examples of calling rates to landline phones via Skype (Reference)

Calls to Japan (fixed landlines): 2.66 yen/minute

Calls made to the continental United States, excluding Alaska (fixed landline and mobile phones): 2.38 yen/minute

  • * An additional connection fee per call applies.
  • Note 1. Skype: Free communication software that Skype Technologies S.A. provides over the Internet. Skype users can enjoy free voice and video calls from anywhere around the world where there is Internet connection.
  • Note 2. Fee-based features: Includes calls, voice mails, and call transfers to landline and mobile phones.
  • Note 3. Skype is not a substitute for landline phones; it cannot be used for emergency calls to fire or police departments.
  • Note 4. “Skype” is a trademark of Skype Limited