Agreement Signed to Encourage Moves to Mie Prefecture

March 1, 2010

ITOCHU Corporation (hereinafter “ITOCHU”) and Mie Prefectural government entered into an “Agreement on Joint Efforts for Support of Small and Medium Enterprises, etc” in March 2006. Since then, ITOCHU has worked with the local Mie government to achieve a vitalization of the regional economy.

As part of their efforts to help companies in Mie Prefecture recruit talented workers for industry, ITOCHU and its subsidiary CAPLAN Corporation (Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO Hiroyuki Isaka; hereinafter “CAPLAN”), which offers staffing services, and the Mie Prefectural government on March 1, 2010 signed an “Agreement of Mie Prefectural Government, ITOCHU and CAPLAN to Promote UI Turns*”. ITOCHU will provide information on specific activities conducted in accordance with the agreement to ITOCHU Group companies and all parties concerned to promote securing of human resources.

ITOCHU will continue to provide support for regional vitalization through alliances with local governments.

Details of “Agreement of Mie Prefectural Government, ITOCHU and CAPLAN on the Promotion of UI Turns”

1) Purpose

Take prompt and appropriate action on issues concerning the promoting of UI turns to Mie Prefecture to assist it in its efforts for regional vitalization

2) Matters of cooperation

(i) Promote UI turns to Mie Prefecture
(ii) Recruitment of high-level industrial human resources to meet the needs of local companies
(iii) Other matters concerning regional revitalization by securing of human resources

3) Examples of specific action

(i) Set up a booth at CAPLAN headquarters and branch offices on the topic of UI turns to Mie Prefecture
(ii) Provide consulting services to persons who wish to make a UI turn to Mie Prefecture 
(iii) Upload supportive information about UI turns to Mie Prefecture to the CAPLAN homepage
(iv) Provide information on services to support UI turns to Mie Prefecture to the Web registrants of partner outplacement services

  • UI turn is a generic term used in Japan to refer to the migration of people from metropolitan areas to rural areas. A U-turn in this case is defined as a move back to one's hometown while an I-turn is migration to a rural area unrelated to one's hometown.