Internship Program for FY2016

October 11, 2016

ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Masahiro Okafuji, President & CEO; hereinafter “ITOCHU”) announced today that it has launched its Internship Program under the theme “Infinite missions then and now and the future.”

ITOCHU’s merchants have been fulfilling their missions to the world for 158 years since its foundation. In the program, the participating students are expected to experience the missions that have changed in the course of history and to think through how they wish to contribute to making society affluent in the future as a merchant.

ITOCHU’s merchants will ensure that the five days spent by the participants will be fulfilling and that at the end of the program, they can talk enthusiastically about their missions to the world.
Your participation would be welcomed. Check out the details below before making an application.

Outline of the Internship Program

○ Schedule
<1> West Japan course (Osaka Headquarters) From November 21 (Monday) to November 25 (Friday) *November 23 (Wednesday, a public holiday) is included in the schedule.
<2> East Japan course (Tokyo Headquarters) From December 13 (Tuesday) to December 19 (Monday) *Saturday and Sunday are not included in the schedule.
*The program is scheduled for full days during the above periods.
*Residents of Kansai region will participate in the West Japan course.
*Residents of Kanto region and other regions will participate in the East Japan course.

○ Number of participants
Approximately 50 in each course

○ Language

○ Conditions for participation
・Graduate and undergraduate students (students in any year of university)
・Able to participate in all the sessions held over the course of the five days

○ Contents of the program
・Sessions implemented in collaboration between the Educational Content Department, Human Resources & Business Education Bureau of Nikkei Inc. and General Manager of Recruiting & HR Management Department of ITOCHU Corporation
・Casework to experience the enjoyment of the trading company business
・Formulation of a new business plan to visualize the future
・Social gatherings to interact with various types of employees

Application process

Submit a pre-entry following the instructions on the Internship My Page and send a Web entry sheet, a PR video and a photograph of your face before the deadline.
*All times and dates are in Japan Time.
1. Pre-entry from October 11 (Tuesday) to 20:00 on October 28 (Friday)
2. Submission of Web entry sheet and photograph from October 11 (Tuesday) to 12:00 on October 31 (Monday)
Submission of PR video: From October 17 (Monday) to 12:00 on October 31(Monday)
3. Screening
 November 10 (Thursday) and 11 (Friday) at the Osaka Headquarters
 November 15 (Tuesday) and 16 (Wednesday) at the Tokyo Headquarters
 November 17 (Thursday) at Hokkaido Branch, Tohoku Branch, Chubu Branch and Kyushu Branch
*If there are more applicants than spaces available, the Web entry sheets and PR videos will be examined to select the applicants to participate in the screening process.
*All expenses (travel and accommodation expenses) for participating in the screening process will be borne by the participants.

Point to note

This Internship Program is not associated with the employment of new graduates in FY2018.


Internship Office, Human Resources & General Affairs Division, ITOCHU Corporation

Official Website of the Internship Program