ITOCHU Announces Capital and Business Alliance with DAIKEN and Share Acquisition through Third-Party Allotment

September 3, 2018

ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yoshihisa Suzuki, President & COO; hereinafter “ITOCHU”) announced today that it has concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with Daiken Corporation (headquartered in Nanto, Toyama; Masanori Okuda, Representative Director President; hereinafter “DAIKEN”), and has agreed to acquire equity shares issued by DAIKEN through third-party allotment.

DAIKEN is a leading manufacturer of residential housing materials in Japan and it formulated a long-term vision for its business in 2015, declaring that it will explore possibilities for cultivating and expanding its existing businesses while creating new markets with the aim to transform from a housing material manufacturer into an all-embracing company for building materials. ITOCHU is a common stock holder of DAIKEN. Both companies have taken steps to promote collaboration, aiming to achieve growth strategy targets embraced by DAIKEN, such as making the company’s business structure less dependent on new residential construction, establishing a stable earnings base in the domestic residential construction market, and expanding sales of building materials in ASEAN member states, China and the Oceania region.

With this capital and business alliance, ITOCHU aims to achieve significant business growth in terms of its General Products & Realty segment by leveraging knowhow developed by DAIKEN as a leading manufacturer of housing materials in Japan. Meanwhile, DAIKEN embraces a strategy to expand its business by relying on ITOCHU’s comprehensive capabilities as a general trading house. The two companies share a mutual interest in this regard and understand that the partnership will help to maximize corporate value for both parties. Based on the alliance agreement involving stock acquisition by ITOCHU through third-party allotment, the two companies will aim to achieve further enhancement in the mutual business partnership and a greater synergistic effect. Moreover, the new alliance is expected to facilitate DAIKEN’s new investments aimed at achieving further growth in the raw materials and building materials business abroad as well as other businesses in Japan and abroad.

Under the new alliance, both companies will focus on contributing to the sustainable development of society in the field of housing and residential life in Japan and abroad, while mutually respecting each other’s management and trying to enhance corporate value with a long-term, equal and amicable partnership.

Overview of DAIKEN

Company name Daiken Corporation
Location 1-1 Inami, Nanto, Toyama, Japan
Representative Masanori Okuda, Representative Director President
Main business Production and marketing of eco-friendly interior building materials, housing equipment and materials for industrial use
Paid-in capital 13,150 million yen
Established September 26, 1945

Outline of capital and business alliance agreement

1) Expansion of product lineups for public and commercial facilities and information sharing on properties

2) Expansion of remodeling and renovation business

3) Expansion of wooden materials business

4) Promotion of brand enhancement and building materials sales in China and the ASEAN region

Outline of third-party stock allotment

Date of payment September 19, 2018
Number of new shares issued Common shares of Daiken Corporation: 1,905,000 shares
Issue price 2,240 yen per share
Amount to be raised 4,267,200,000 yen
Method of allotment (Scheduled subscriber) Allotment will be made to ITOCHU Corporation by means of third-party allotment
Change in share ownership for ITOCHU Prior to allotment:29.9%; after allotment:35.0%
Other Each of the above items will be subject to the effectiveness of the securities registration statement under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.