ITOCHU Employee Infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 9, 2020

An employee of ITOCHU Corporation (age: in the 50s) who is currently assigned to ITOCHU BRASIL S.A., Sao Paulo-based trading subsidiary headquartered in Brazil, was found to be infected with coronavirus (COVID-19).
The employee landed in Japan on February 23 and stayed in Fukuoka until February 29. While in Japan, the employee was on vacation and did not visit ITOCHU’s head offices or its branch offices. The employee returned to Sao Paulo and resumed work as usual. In the early evening of March 4, the employee showed symptoms such as headache and mild fever. On March 6, the employee took the PCR test at a hospital in Sao Paulo and was diagnosed with COVID-19 in the early evening on March 7 (morning of March 8 JST). Currently, the employee is not showing any other symptoms than a mild fever, and is following the instructions of a local doctor.

ITOCHU will continue to take appropriate actions based on government policies and others.