ITOCHU Announces the Expansion of Its Textile Collection Service for a Circular Economy

March 31, 2022

ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Keita Ishii, President & COO; hereinafter “ITOCHU”) and Ecommit Corporation (headquartered in Satsuma-Sendai City, Kagoshima; Teruyuki Kawano, Representative Director; hereinafter “Ecommit”), which develops resource recycling businesses through reusing and recycling, have signed an agreement to expand the textile collection service “Wear to Fashion” in the Japanese market. Starting spring 2022, the service will gradually be offered to all companies and local governments in Japan.

In the textile and fashion industries, reducing environmental burden and maintaining sustainable growth are gaining global attention as issues. ITOCHU launched the RENU Project in the spring of 2019 to shine a light on the problem of excessive waste, and has worked to solve this problem through developing RENU, a recycled polyester material derived from used clothing and textile waste generated during textile manufacturing.

Ecommit has worked to create mechanisms to recycle resources with its nation-wide collection logistics network and the creation of a tracking system from production to recycling.

With this new initiative as a part of the RENU Project, textile products coming out of various sites will be collected and sorted through combining ITOCHU's network in the textile and fashion industries and Ecommit's system from collection to resource recycling. This includes used clothing collected at retail stores from consumers, textile waste products from businesses, and clothing collected by local governments. Reusable products will be reused utilizing Ecommit's knowledge, and recyclable polyester products will be made into RENU. In doing so, the amount of discarded textile products will be reduced as much as possible, the lifecycle of products in the textile and fashion industries will be prolonged, and resources will be used effectively. Through the popularization of this service, ITOCHU aims to realize a circular economy by resolving issues from multiple angles surrounding the problem of waste for businesses and local governments involved in industry.

ITOCHU's Brand-new Deal 2023, its medium-term management plan, includes "business transformation through the incorporation of consumer needs into products" and "continued contribution to/efforts in the SDGs" in its Basic Policies. As a part of this plan, ITOCHU is working to create a value chain in the textile industry, starting with sustainable raw materials. ITOCHU aims to solve sustainability issues and achieve sustainable growth in the textile and fashion industries in the future through the evolution of business models and the offering of new services centered around a value chain that includes everything from raw materials to products.

Ecommit Corporation

Location 2803 Mizuhikicho, Satsuma-Sendai City, Kagoshima
Representative Teruyuki Kawano
Established October 1, 2009
Business description Reuse/recycle business

”Wear to Fashion” the textile collection service

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