ITOCHU Announces Conclusion of Distribution Agency Contract for World-Leading Dry Cell Brand, Duracell, in Japan Market

July 2, 2024

ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Keita Ishii, President & COO; hereinafter “ITOCHU”) announced today that, in connection with dry cell brand Duracell entry in the Japan market, it has concluded a distribution agency contract (hereinafter the "Contract") with Duracell Singapore Pte Ltd (headquartered in Singapore; representative: Mariusz Surmacz, Duracell General Manager Japan and ANZ; hereinafter "DURACELL”). The Japan market sales launch is around July 2024.

Dry cells have a variety of uses, ranging from remote controls for household appliances, toys, flashlights, and other everyday devices to emergency situations, with the Japanese dry cell market showing stable demand. As the use of dry cell batteries has been expanding in recent years, consumers are demanding better functionality. For example, small home appliances, which are becoming popular, require longer-lasting performance, and safety measures are needed to prevent accidental ingestion by infants.

Duracell is a global brand of dry cells and coin batteries. The alkaline dry cell Duracell Optimum, which is a groundbreaking innovation of Duracell’s premium batteries, contain unique Power Boost ingredients for more energy. Moreover, in terms of safety, their lithium coin batteries are coated with a bitterant which has a bitter flavor but is harmless for humans, so it may help to reduce the risk of children from swallowing the batteries. Duracell enjoys high trust from consumers all over the world thanks to such innovative technologies and safety.

In the future, ITOCHU will proceed with the full-scale entry of Duracell cells into the Japanese market through its subsidiary, ITOCHU Retail Link Corporation. Working with DURACELL, we will develop products with dedicated specifications, expanding our product lineup. Making use of the sales networks of ITOCHU and ITOCHU Retail Link Corporation that have fostered the respective retail businesses, the Duracell products will be sold in major appliance stores and other retailers as well as on multiple e-commerce platforms.

ITOCHU has put forth the management policy "The Brand-new Deal: profit opportunities are shifting downstream." and is developing our business areas by tracking needs as they diversify with social changes and by pioneering and evolving downstream businesses that are closer to the consumers. Through Duracell's entry into the Japan market, ITOCHU will promote attractive product and brand development in daily necessities and consumer goods as well as work to further evolve ITOCHU’s retail business in accordance with consumer needs.

Outline of Duracell Singapore PTE.

Company name Duracell Singapore Pte Ltd
Representative Mariusz Surmacz, General Manager Japan and ANZ
Headquarters 137 TELOK AYER STREET #08-01 SINGAPORE
Business Outline Headquarters operations and subsidiary administration of Duracell in the Asia region

Outline of ITOCHU Retail Link Corporation

Company name ITOCHU Retail Link Corporation
Representative Masanori Nakajima, President
Headquarters Daisan Sakurabashi Bldg. 5th floor,4-7-1 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business Outline ・Sales of store supplies and food packaging materials
・Sales of daily necessities, household goods, and commercial consumables
・Brand agency

Left: Duracell Optimum – Duracell’s premium alkaline batteries with Power Boost Ingredients
Right: Coin batters coated with bitterant to help reduce the risk of accidental swallowing

Signing of the distribution agency contract at the ITOCHU headquarters in January 2024.
From left: Nihan BelikGuneri, General Manager ADO and Middle East, Head of Commercial Strategy, Duracell, Masaya Tanaka, President of Energy & Chemicals Company, ITOCHU, Thom Lachman, CEO, Duracell, Nobuyuki Tabata, Chemical Division Chief, ITOCHU, Karim Elmasry, Asia President, Duracell, Mariusz Surmacz, General Manager Japan and ANZ, Duracell, Masafumi Mizuno, President (then), ITOCHU Retail Link