Annual Report 2023 (Digital Edition)

Achievement of Short-Term Targets
Achievement of Short-Term Targets
  • Trajectory of Steady Corporate Value Enhancement through the Strategies of “Brand-new Deal” Management Plans
  • FYE 2023 Business Results: Achievement of Consolidated Net Profit Exceeding ¥800.0 Billion for the Second Consecutive Year
  • FYE 2024 Management Plan, Which Covers the Final Fiscal Year of the Medium-Term Management Plan “Brand-new Deal 2023,” and Our Strategies to Achieve the Plan While Dealing with Business Risks and Other Risks
Initiatives and Systems Supporting Sustainable Growth
Initiatives and Systems Supporting Sustainable Growth
  • PEST Analysis on Macroenvironmental Factors
  • Approach and Initiatives Relating to Climate Change
    (1.5°C scenario analysis based on TCFD recommendations, etc.)
  • Sustainability Management Initiatives including Human Rights Due Diligence
  • Corporate Governance Policies and Systems That Underpin Value Creation
Business Portfolio

In the context of strengths, risks, opportunities, and other factors in each business field, this section outlines the strategies of the Division Companies that comprise ITOCHU’s business portfolio. The explanation is given with an awareness of the corporate value calculation formula (with a view to investment decisions) and the bearing these strategies have on material issues.