Realizing Business Transformation
by Shifting to a Market-Oriented Perspective

Business Growth by Transforming the Entire Value Chain, from Downstream to Upstream

Customer contact points in the consumer sector are one of ITOCHU’s recognized strengths. Leveraging these contact points, the Company provides products and services from a market-oriented perspective. This creates new value that grasps the diversifying needs of sellers, buyers, and society. We will work to further strengthen our robust earnings base centered on the non-resource sector by constantly reviewing the state of “business” and promoting business transformation and value chain optimization.

Evolution of FamilyMart’s business, the largest consumer base in the ITOCHU Group

• Thoroughly improving the three basics of convenience stores (CVS): product appeal, convenience, and familiarity
• Expanding customer contact points and business earnings through advertising and financial services and the evolution of stores into media
• Expanding the earnings base by upgrading the entire supply chain, including order optimization using AI
• Building new overseas business models in growth markets through strategic alliances with digital partners, etc.

Transform the entire value chain, starting from downstream

• Combining planning and development capabilities and independent sales channels in the consumer sector, where we have Overwhelming strength
(Strengthening product planning capabilities and brands for food, apparel, and other products in line with customer needs and expanding consumer contact points through the use of e-commerce)
• Further business growth by expanding and utilizing customer contact points in the retail finance and insurance business, where we are No. 1 among general trading companies
(Pursuing a customer-oriented business model through the evolution of online and in-person customer service at HOKEN NO MADOGUCHI)

Expansion of profit opportunities through data utilization and DX

• Leveraging Group data under the leadership of The 8th Company, which is at the forefront of using a market-oriented perspective
(Development of new products and services and enhancement of digital marketing by centralizing data held by Group companies on consumption behavior)
• Expanding the ICT business through organic cooperation with Group companies in line with corporate DX needs
(Promotion of comprehensive DX support business in cooperation with ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, BELLSYSTEM24, Inc., and other Group companies and partners)