The “Merchant” Business Model

A Value Creation Model Centered on “Sampo-yoshi

Explanation of Our Business Model

In enhancing corporate value, we must expand both economic value and environmental / social value. Specifically, we are working to expand created value (Steppingstones to Medium- to Long-Term Value Creation), increase growth rate (Initiatives and Systems Supporting Sustainable Growth), and lower the cost of capital (Initiatives and Systems Supporting Sustainable Growth). As a result, we will realize a virtuous circle as we reinforce capital, which is a driving force for sustainable value creation.


Conduct trade aligning with changes in the world and customer needs


Reduce expenses that are not cost effective, reduce unnecessary meetings and documents


Prevent outflows due to losses on receivables and impairment losses

Creating Added Value

By leveraging our unique ability as a general trading company to act as a coordinator, upgrade business management, and create synergies, we continuously create added value from customers’ point of views, stabilize commercial rights, expand trade, and increase the overall value of businesses, including investees.

Asset Strategies

With the strategic importance of business investment increasing, we are emphasizing investment in our areas of strength while building and steadily implementing asset strategies that entail thorough risk management and the pursuit of asset efficiency.

  • Evolve Businesses Through
    Technological Innovation
  • Address Climate Change
    (Contribute to Realization of
    a Decarbonized Society)
  • Cultivate a Motivating
    Workplace Environment
  • Respect Human Rights
  • Contribute to Healthier and
    More Enriched Lifestyles
  • Ensure Stable Procurement
    and Supply
  • Maintain Rigorous
    Governance Structures