By ISO 26000 Core Subjects

Conducting business operations globally in a wide range of fields, ITOCHU Corporation is required of addressing various social issues.This section provides our activities by core subjects of ISO 26000, the Guidance on social responsibility.

Organizational Governance

In accordance with its corporate philosophy of "Committed to the Global Good," ITOCHU believes it is important to understand how its business activities influence society and the environment. We have established a system that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society, in accordance with a PDCA cycle, through the identification of material issues and the formulation of Sustainability Action Plans for each business field.

Human Rights

As a company that conducts business transactions around the world, ITOCHU believes that the relationship between business and human rights is vitally important, and that belief is reflected in the supply chain and in businesses in which ITOCHU invests. We give serious consideration to human rights and individuality so that employees can make the most of their individual capabilities.

Labor Practices

ITOCHU is working to develop and strengthen human resources who can play active roles in global business as true industry professionals. We are also establishing a system that enables diverse human resources to make the most of their capabilities. In addition, we have built a system to support safe and healthy lifestyles for the employees who support our business activities around the world, as well as for their families.

The Environment

ITOCHU pays close attention to the influence of its business activities on the environment and takes both proactive initiatives (advancing environment-conserving businesses) and precautionary initiatives (preventing problems associated with environmental risks). In particular, in proactive initiatives, we are developing multifaceted business initiatives in line with such themes as the use of sustainable resources, responding to climate change, and conservation of biodiversity.

Fair Operating Practices

In addition to ensuring that our business activities are in accordance with laws and international rules, we do not limit ourselves to simply following industry practice, and accordingly we have also established and continually improve our compliance system so that individual employees can sincerely conduct their daily activities from a highly ethical viewpoint.

Consumer Issues

ITOCHU, which handles a wide variety of goods and services that support people's everyday lives, is implementing activities that contribute improvements in the quality of consumer lifestyles, such as working to ensure product safety and quality, developing products that contribute to environmental conservation, and promoting awareness of sustainable consumption.

Community Involvement and Development

In the regions where ITOCHU conducts business, we consider ourselves to be members of local communities. Accordingly, we strive to participate in local communities in ways that transcend the scope of our business activities and to contribute to the sustainable development of those communities through both business activities and social contribution activities.