ISO26000 Content Index

ITOCHU Corporation operates in a wide range of industrial fields across the globe and is therefore subject to wider range of social issues. In order to report and communicate on how we address internationally recognized social issues, we report an index that maps our activities and initiatives to each relevant ISO26000 core subject in the table below. ISO26000 is an international standard that identifies key issues organizations are subject to when they pursue socially responsible business practices.

ISO26000 Core Subjects: the ITOCHU Group's Approach
Subject Reference to Our Webpage or a Section in the ESG Report

Organizational Governance: Under the approach of "Sampo-yoshi," ITOCHU Corporation believes it is important to fully understand the social and environmental impacts of our business activities. By identifying material non-financial issues and devising sustainability action plans for each of our business domains, we implement a comprehensive Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle that ensures our focus on contributing to the sustainability of society.

Issue 1 Organizational Governance 

Human Rights: As a company with diverse business operations across the globe, business and human rights is a very important issue that requires special care. We therefore reflect this philosophy in our approach to supply chain management and investment decisions. We also recognize people as an integral asset to our business and take measures to ensure that we respect the human rights and individuality of each and every employee.

Issue 1: Due diligence
Issue 2: Human rights risk situations
Issue 3: Avoidance of complicity
Issue 4: Resolving grievances
Issue 5: Discrimination and vulnerable groups
Issue 6: Civil and political rights
Issue 7: Economic, social and cultural rights
Issue 8: Fundamental principles and rights at work

Labor Practices: ITOCHU Corporation invests in human capital development to provide learning opportunities and working environments that welcome diversity and professionalism. In doing so we hope to nurture and develop individuals that can assist the global outreach of our business. This focus of ours includes the provision of health and safety support for our employees and their families regardless of their international station.

Issue 1: Employment and employment relationships
Issue 2: Conditions of work and social protection
Issue 3: Social dialogue
Issue 4: Health and safety at work
Issue 5: Human development and training in the workplace

The Environment: Our fundamental responsibility is to monitor and understand the environmental impacts of our business activities. Building upon this self-awareness, we aim to both reduce the environmental burden and increase eco-efficiency in our business activities, as well as enhance and expand upon environmentally beneficial or impactful products and solutions. More specifically regarding the latter, resource sustainability, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity conservation are priority topics that we engage in.

Issue 1: Prevention of pollution
Issue 2: Sustainable resource use
Issue 3: Climate change mitigation and adaptation
Issue 4: Protection of the environment, biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats

Fair Operating Practices: First and foremost, our priority is to conduct business activities in accordance with laws, regulations, and guidelines wherever applicable. Beyond basic compliance, furthermore, we aim to provide a working environment for our employees wherein they are enabled to engage in their work with honesty and high ethical standards, without feeling or being coerced into complacency. As such, our compliance program takes into account these priorities and incorporates mechanisms to monitor and review our performance to better enhance our program when necessary.

Issue 1: Anti-corruption
Issue 2: Responsible political involvement
Issue 3: Fair competition
Issue 4: Promoting social responsibility in the value chain
Issue 5: Respect for property rights

Consumer Issues: ITOCHU Corporation handles a variety of products and services that are essential to consumers. Therefore, we aim to ensure that high standards are met in the safety and quality of our products and services, that environmental footprint is minimized where possible, and that consumers are informed as necessary on sustainable consumption.

Issue 1: Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practices
Issue 2: Protecting consumers' health and safety
Issue 3: Sustainable consumption
Issue 4: Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute resolution
Issue 5: Consumer data protection and privacy
Issue 6: Access to essential services
Issue 7: Education and awareness

Community Involvement and Development: We are community members in each of the regions that we operate in and as such, aim to contribute where possible to the sustainable development of local communities we operate with. We therefore aim to go beyond our basic expectations and proactively engage in community investment through both philanthropic activities and our business activities.

Issue 1: Community involvement
Issue 2: Education and culture
Issue 3: Employment creation and skills development
Issue 4: Technology development and access
Issue 5: Wealth and income creation
Issue 6: Health
Issue 7: Social investment